You Are Not Alone

If you’re like us, than we’re sure you were brought up believing that we are all separate entities and the ultimate focus lies in your personal affairs. This philosophy has played a role in our perception of life, people and relationships. It has made us not believe that we are all here as comrades designed to help and guide one another. If you are reading this right now; then you are probably seeking answers to similar questions. I mean think about it, there is some unseen phenomenon that takes place when people enter and exit out of your life. These people always serve a purpose; whether good or bad. It seems as if every person you have encountered has been assigned to be there. It’s kind of like the quote that states: “when you are ready, the teacher will appear.” This is why we always leave experiences reflecting on what we have learned and the things we have gained from being involved.



Whether you know it or not, you have influenced all of the people that have been part of your life as well. It is scientifically proven that we as human beings are intertwined with our own unique biorhythm that links to everything and everyone around us. So how can you ever be alone if you are constantly summoning others into existence based on your desires and state of mind? Wait, say what??!! Yes, this theory is something that cannot be debated but is largely ignored in mainstream science. It is a truth that has motivated Paralign to not only bring our platform into being but break perceived notions of limitation worldwide. We are here to bridge that gap between solitude and unity. Paralign knows what it takes to connect others on a much deeper level than conventions would ever permit. Traditional social constructs are reminding us of where we need to go and what it will take to maintain unity. Our app is taking steps towards this direction by offering user-friendly functions intended to align missions with like-minded individuals all over the world. As awareness grows, thousands of participants seek tools such as Paralign to simplify this process. Surely, a breath must be alive if it gives us life so by being conscious you are already connected to the whole. Never forget that.