These Affirmations Will Change Your Life

10 Affirmations that Promote Happiness and Self-Love The words we speak have a major impact on our lives and can reveal the underlying belief we have about others and ourselves. As we speak, we subconsciously solidify those beliefs to become a part of our nature while being oblivious to how this will impact our future. […]

4 Famous Writers With a Mental Illness

Famous Writers with a Mental Illness

Featured Image via Pexels There has long been speculation about the link between mental illness and creativity. It’s suggested by many that, somehow, mental illness promotes creativity. This seems especially possible when you consider how many famous writers, poets, musicians, and other public figures suffered from some form of mental illness, even though there does […]

5 Simple Ways To Help Deal With Depression

Depressed Woman

  Feature Image via Pexels The World Health Organization recognizes that approximately 16 million adults had a depressive episode in 2012 – representing nearly 6.9% of the adult population, and estimates that around the world, nearly 350 million people suffer from some level of depression. Clearly, depression is a huge problem – and of course, […]

Why Meditation Can Treat Your Depression and Anxiety Better than Medicine

Anxiety and depression are serious mental health conditions that act as obstacles to a healthy lifestyle. Ask your doctor and they may offer you some anti-depressants. But the latest studies reveal that meditation could be a superior form of depression treatment. The Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine revealed that mindfulness meditation is […]