Why You Need to Dump ‘Bad’ Friends Right Now

by Richard

They can be people who have bad habits themselves who are unwilling to change. They may be an emotional drain on you.
You need to work on developing a good circle of friends in order to improve both your physical and mental health. This article will go into some of the reasons why you may need to consider who is in your friendship circle for the good of your health.

Move Away from Social Media

A word is necessary for social media friends. A high number of social media friends does nothing to enrich your health. On the contrary, the University of Edinburgh Business School conducted a study that showed a high number of Facebook friends only increases anxiety and stress.

This is due to the fact people on social media get into the habit of constantly trying to outdo each other. They want to project a perfect view of their lives. Therefore, this puts everyone under a state of constant stress. It’s like having friends without the benefits of having friends.

Turn off social media and concentrate on the friends you come into contact with on a regular basis.

Bad Friends Promote Unhealthy Habits

Think back to when you were a teenager. Your parents likely warned you against hanging out with the kids who spent their time smoking and drinking in the local park. This is because it would lead to you smoking and drinking in the local park, as well.

But the principle doesn’t die when you become an adult. If you hang out with people who have lots of unhealthy habits, you too start to develop unhealthy habits. It’s no coincidence that high-functioning alcoholics are usually found at the bar, rather than drinking home alone. Their friends are enabling their unhealthy lifestyle.
Think about your circle of friends. Are any of these people promoting good health? If not, you may want to take a step back.

Creating Unnecessary Drama

Stress is probably the condition people underestimate the most. But stress, while a mental health condition, can lead to more critical mental health conditions and a decline in physical health. If you have friends who are constantly gossiping and whining about this or that the chances are you are under a high level of stress.

Spending most of your leisure time talking about the problems of others will gradually grind you down over time. It rubs off on you if someone is constantly depressing and negative. Good friends are those who lift you up not drag you down.

Pull back from these people and find some friends who reduce stress, rather than create it.

How to Remove Yourself from Unhealthy Friendship Circles

There’s no need to add further stress and worry to your life by causing a huge scene when you decide to reap the benefits of good friends. It’s simply a matter of gently pulling away and taking a step back. Turn down that offer to go to the bar. Suggest something else instead.

Over time, they will steadily get the message. This is a time-consuming process, but nobody gets hurt and everyone is happy.

Here are some of the reasons why good friends can lead to the healthy lifestyle you want right now:

  • They lift you up when you are at your lowest.
  • You enjoy spending time with them. Even when you are not with them, you are surrounded by an aura of happiness.
  • The longer you wait the worse the situation is going to get.

As you can see, unhealthy lifestyles can boil down to the friends by your side. By becoming pickier over the people you are friends with, you stand a much higher chance of developing the lifestyle you want.

Don’t put this decision off. Remove yourself from unhealthy friendship circles now and begin embracing a better life.


Sadly, many people don’t realize how much their friends are influencing their lives until it’s much too late. There are a lot of people who dig themselves into a hole only then to realize that they should have left the toxic influence of their current friendship circles long ago.

But this is a two-way relationship. As much as your friends will help you to live a positive, healthy life you will do the same to them. It’s up to you to be a good friend to them so they can be a good friend to you.

How will you go about finding good friends who enhance your life today?

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