Why Group Exercise Helps You to Burn More than Fat

by Richard

Group exercise is something that becomes a part of everyone’s life until they reach the age of 18. The time where they leave school and gym class ends is about the time that group exercise becomes a thing of the past. But many people are wondering why they ever got rid of it. There are so many benefits to group exercise.

The American Psychological Association conducted a study that revealed group exercise improves mental health to not only reduce stress but make the brain more resistant to stress. And that’s what this article is going to focus on.

Why is Stress So Critical?

One of the leading factors in poor mental health is stress. It’s the great weakening of immune systems everywhere. Stress hurts both your mental state and physical state. As the body tenses up, you lose the ability to think straight. Negativity begins to take over your life.

Stress is such an important issue because it does destroy your mental health. People who have problems with anxiety and depression are nearly always incredibly stressed. By taking stress away, it’s possible to fight back against this negative outlook on life.

Group exercise is particularly adept at fighting against stress.

A Distraction

Most stress happens because of what people are thinking at the time. They are worrying about this issue and that issue. And they can’t seem to get away from these thoughts. There are so many distractions involved. But group exercise acts as a distraction that takes you away from everything else.
The ability to operate in a group filled with those you like will allow your mind to think about something else for a while. You can hardly think about that overdue project when you are running through a muddy field with your friends.

And that’s part of the key to defeating stress. For a time, you are switching your mind off.

How the Brain Works

There is a part of the brain responsible for stress and anxiety. Someone who is regularly stressed will see this part of the brain increasing in volume. Studies into regular practitioners of meditation were conducted and scientists demonstrated that parts of the brain change in volume depending on your lifestyle.

People who are less stressed experience a reduction in volume in the anxiety part of the brain. It’s vital that you understand this so you can appreciate just how group exercise helps.

Having a good time with your friends enables you to reduce the volume of the anxiety part of the brain and increase the volume of the ‘happy’ part of your brain. Now you can see why the more you participate in group exercise the more resistant your brain becomes to stress.

Producing the Happy Drug

Endorphins are universally known as the ‘happy drug’. This is what your mind produces every time you experience something good. It’s that feeling of overwhelming joy that should become part of every day of your life.
The fact is group exercise increases the levels of this drug in the brain. The more you participate in group exercise the happier you feel. And that’s going to go a long way to defeating feelings of sadness and full-blown depression.

Is it the Exercise or the Group?

Some of you may wonder whether the exercise is providing you with the stress busting benefits or whether it’s the group you are surrounded by. The truth is it’s both. Stress is impacted by a number of factors. Some of these include:

  • Your social circle.
  • The amount of exercise you get.
  • Your diet.
  • Your job.
  • Your lifestyle.

In short, group exercise targets two crucial areas and combines them together. The very fact you are getting fit with other people goes a long way to defeating stress. But of course you need to be having fun at the same time. You’re never going to claim the benefits you want if you are exercising with people you can’t stand, or you’re doing something you don’t really enjoy.

Last Word

Stress is something people don’t target enough in the modern world. People live more stressful lifestyles than at any other point in history. Sessions of group exercise go a long way to acting as a counterbalance.

It’s relatively easy to get involved in group exercise. Many businesses are noticing the benefits of participating in these sessions. They are also realizing that it can have a hugely positive effect on company morale.

Will you be joining a group exercise session today?

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