Thoughts Affect Water!

by Richard

What many people fail to acknowledge is the significance of our natural elements. Throughout the centuries, mankind has examined the basic earth, wind, water and fire template. These elements are a normal part of existence and each play a significant role in our lives. They have also been associated with our emotions and personality. For instance, fire has always correlated with passion while water represents serenity. Although every element possesses their own unique characteristics, they would be nothing without each other working collectively in unison. As of lately, our natural elements have been under severe pressure due to ignorant human behavior. These habitat shaping elements have been responding with volcanoes, earthquakes and alterations to nature’s landscape. As a matter of fact, water has been proven to directly respond to its environment. Water has the ability to connect on a level that many are unaware of.

The Japanese researcher, Masaru Emoto, dedicated his life to study the significance of water. His findings have been deemed nothing less than remarkable. Emoto conducted several trials observing how the molecular structure of water responds to how we treat it. He would take two petri dishes of water and praise one while scolding the other. He did this in the same manner people would talk during conversation: verbally expressing their approval or dissatisfaction. Scientists quickly saw that the water receiving negative assertions would rot while the other would create beautiful crystalline structures. He did similar observations with music. One sample would listen to heavy metal while the other would hear classical music. The classical music reaped harmonious cellular compounds while the heavy metal morphed into ragged distortions of black and brown.

How could this be and what should we make of such implications? Well for one, water is all around us; in the air, ocean and even makes up most of our physical body. If people, that are only 70-90 percent water, biologically respond to their environment, don’t you think it would be even more intense for pure water? Secondly, water has been proven to retain memory which means, despite its appearance, is conscious and can align with its surroundings. Water may have a stronger long-term memory than me and you! Since it can recall on where it’s gone and how it’s been treated; it is never truly alone. The best thing anybody could take from this knowledge is to have a respect for water. By quietly thanking everyday drinking water, it can virtually turn into “brain fuel” for the consumer. These discoveries are just a reminder of how significant thoughts are in our lives. It is the energy within that dictates our lives outwardly. Take a moment and contemplate on the importance of your thoughts and how it affects everything around you…even what you consume!

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