These Affirmations Will Change Your Life

by Richard

The words we speak have a major impact on our lives and can reveal the underlying belief we have about others and ourselves. As we speak, we subconsciously solidify those beliefs to become a part of our nature while being oblivious to how this will impact our future.

Mantras and affirmations have long been a key essential to formidably changing our negative perspectives and beliefs to garner a life filled with more purpose and positivity.

“Positive thinking is powerful thinking. If you want happiness, fulfillment, success and inner peace, start thinking you have the power to achieve those things. Focus on the bright side of life and expect positive results.” –Germany Kent

We know that our subconscious mind is the deepest layer in our mind that holds our beliefs, habits, values, and intuition. Feeding positive declarations to your subconscious mind creates a physical and neurological response that creates more of that positive energy. Maintaining the practice of affirmations is like working out a muscle. The more time you dedicate to focusing on your well-being the easier it will become to stay in that positive space and thrive against any shortcomings you may experience.

Here’s how this works: Find a quiet space where you feel comfortable and at peace. This can be your bedroom, your car, on the train ride home, any place where you feel safe. Declare your affirmations out loud or in your head and really do your best to believe in each statement. This may be difficult in the beginning and that is okay. Although these affirmations may not show physical evidence in your life right now, our goal is to shift our perspective from focusing on the negative circumstances that leave us feeling empty to the positive aspects that allow us to feel more fulfilled, inspired and purposeful.

As you practice your affirmations over time, you will gain positive momentum and notice yourself as being more calm, less anxious, and happy! Feel free to write these affirmations down in your journal or on your phone and keep them handy in case you need inspiration throughout the day.

  1. I enjoy every moment of the day.

  2. I deserve happiness.

  3. Being happy comes easy to me.

  4. Happiness is my second nature.

  5. For me the future is always bright and happy.

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