The Significance of Thought

by Richard

What is a thought and where does it really come from? Questions such as these cannot be answered in simple terms. It is such a complex subject that has boggled the minds of researchers for centuries. There is no universal definition to what a thought is or how one is created. However, it is undeniably true that thinking has become our primary element to interpret, analyze and experience the world around us. According to Wikipedia, the word originates from Old English þoht, or geþoht, stemming from þencan meaning: “to conceive of in the mind, consider.” Other theorists have correlated the word with the Egyptian God Thoth. This could explain why the entity is known for being a master of analytics, disputes and calligraphy; all of which require mental faculties.

Regardless of the historical roots, it is important to acknowledge that thoughts play a significant role in our lives on earth. Not only do we possess intuitive or instinctual natures, humans have continued to take innovative concepts and create physical representations of it in reality. The thoughts that we have align us with our destiny. It is our ideas and beliefs that dictate the understanding of our environment. It is the thoughts we have accepted as true that fluctuate emotion, concentration and even our health. Don’t believe it? Scientists have already confirmed that thoughts have the power to alter our DNA. Do not let anyone attempt to convince you that intentions are not powerful.

This is why Paralign is so valuable in the management of thoughts. Our free app allows you to connect with other viewpoints in hopes of opening up your mind to new concepts. Because thoughts are so influential, all it takes is to discover a perspective that you have not thought of before. It is these moments that can change the course of your future, soften past disappointments and eradicate doubts. We really want you to have those “Aw Haw!” moments by reading someone’s journal entry/post. We intend to close the gap between thoughts and breakthrough through our free journaling application, Paralign.

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