The Relationship Between A Parent VS A Friend For Teenagers in Particular

by Richard

In a recent post on Medium, I talked about ‘The Importance of Not Just Creating, But Maintaining Friendships’.  While making new friends is crucial, keeping the ones you already have is even more important.  Check that out as the information on this post will have relative content.

Judging from the tone of speaking and the subject of the conversations, the relationship between a parent and a friend is completely different.

 A Parent

Parents tend to like to give advice to teenagers.  They name experiences in their life in which they wish to have avoided.  Parents have undoubtedly gone through more and has more credibility to give advice to their children, who are certainly quite younger.  Teenagers are naturally rebellious.  Often times, they do not listen not because they think it is wrong, but because they like to think that they are always correct.  They long to decide for themselves and follow what they believe in and an even bigger influence-their friends, which I will talk about in a bit.

However, parents give loads of advice for one sole purpose.  They want their kids to become successful and happy people in the future.  They want them to be a productive being in society and one that contributes back to their family, friends, and community.

That is why so many post-college students regret being more proactive as a high schooler or still do not have a direction as to what they want to be doing in terms of a job.  At that point, they realize that the advice of their parents were extremely valuable and being rebellious just did not benefit the situation.

A Friend

A friend can be either a person who helps them become a step closer to your goals, or one that drags you away from your goals completely.  Teen’s instincts tell them to follow whatever is popular and anything that prevents them from being embarrassed.  Once a teen’s friend becomes a bad influence, the friend becomes detrimental to the teen and they gradually fall downwards.  The teen’s focus on schoolwork and achievements after encountering the friend will no longer be present.

On the other hand, a friend who creates an impact will dramatically boost the confidence and intelligence of the teen. They will motivate them to reach towards their ambitions and to encourage them to do amazing things.  It is crucial for anyone to hold onto these types of friends, as they will make their lives a lot smoother and more efficient.

The Contrast

In a bigger picture, an influential friend, in my opinion creates a bigger impact than just the support of a parent.  A friend is able to resonate with them, accompany them through tough times, and are willing to speak more about ideas relating to difficulties in school and in their life in general. It is true that parents can do all of these things, however for the vast majority of teenagers, it is rather comfortable conversing with a friend more so than a parent about these issues.

While teenagers may not agree with their parents most of the time, they are the ones can provide genuine advice to their child.  They will not filter any of their ideas, and give them the truest advice they can.  This is what disrupts teenagers, because some of that advice may not in their favor, so they will naturally be opposed to it.

Nonetheless, a balanced combination of the parent’s advice and the strong support from friends is what makes a teen the greatest they can be.

**This is a trend I notice within my own community and connections.  That being said, the information may not speak for everyone.  It is not meant to offend anyone in any way.

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