The Present is a Gift

by Richard

We’ve been talking a lot about the significance of the moment and felt it would be beneficial to critique its focus even further. There is definitely a reason why they refer to the moment as the “present.” Surely this would be an implication that staying in the now is a gift but is it really that momentous? Is the present really something that you can always view equivalent to an actual gift? What if the present moment is no more than disappointment and sadness? Is it truly a present if it falls under those terms? We think it’s important to understand the connection that comes with the moment. Paralign wants each and every one of you to comprehend that there is nothing but neutrality in the now. There is nothing but complete and utter bliss within the context of the moment.

In order to realize how bliss is mandatory in this frame of mind, we must first clarify what the “moment” consists of. Being in the moment is when your surroundings and your mental focus are aligned. What exactly does that mean? This means that when you are in class, mentally stay in class. When you are exercising in the gym, mentally stay in the gym. Do not allow your mind to wander into other areas of reality. It is very plausible to have your body in one place while your mind is in another world entirely. There are probably even people reading this right now that are fantasizing about food, sex or a phone call. The present is a gift because every split second is an opportunity to observe the masterpiece of the moment. There is nothing but stillness. There is nothing but balanced vibrations. Take it from us, the sooner you migrate your attention into the present moment, the quicker your invited vision for the future will manifest.

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