The Power of Silence

by Richard

Most people in the world today can’t stand silence. You know those types of individuals that have to turn on the radio or TV as soon as they wake up or enter a room? Of course you do! People will do anything in their power to prevent that “awkward silence.” But really when you think about it, how awkward is silence and what happens during these times of reflection? Have people become so desperate to avoid mental chatter that the idea of being silent is unbearably terrifying? Indeed it would appear to be this way. However, the things that scare us the most are usually the things we need to face. With all of this considered, the subject of silence brings up some intriguing questions. What is the significance of it and are there any benefits from immersing in silence? How does silence affect one’s life, relationships and challenges? Let’s start from a basic level and work our way into deeper explanations.

Firstly, it is important to acknowledge that silence allows you to understand people easier. By keeping your mouth closed and your attention focused, you become more invested in the conversation and can digest the information in its entirety. If you stay quiet, you just may learn things that you never knew. When you try to talk, all you’re doing is hearing something that you already know. Taking it a step further, silence allows you to understand yourself easier. By giving yourself 10 minutes out of the day to listen to…well…nothing, realizations are inevitable. Ideas and important information reveal themselves when you have room to let them in. When your thoughts are running rapid over the speed limit, there’s no room for these realizations to come. In addition, silencing your mind and your environment can show how out of control your thoughts really are. Awareness is impossible to attain if you are constantly trying to prevent listening to what matters most.  If you stop avoiding that awkward silence you may actually face the most troubling thoughts and overcome mental barriers. We know it may sound confusing, but you would be surprised as to what you notice during times of complete silence.

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