The Power of Forgiveness

by Richard

An unfortunate truth of our reality is that so many people are being weighed down by emotional and spiritual burden. The personal encounters they experience throughout life impacts them in profound ways. Whether positive or negative, individuals generally latch on to situations that have influenced their understanding of the world. However, it is our perception of negativity that is particularly a struggle to let go of. Anytime a person recalls on a traumatic event, the past feelings of hurt and anger immediately follow. This distracts individuals from recognizing the present and binds them to situations they can no longer change. If you’re reading this, than you probably are or have fell victim to this type of thinking. You are not alone in this. Millions of people can relate to what you’re going through. The solution to the pain you are feeling does not lie in a pill, program or doctrine. The trick to make the hurt subside is to forgive yourself once and for all.

How does someone forgive themselves? Is it even necessary? You must forgive yourself if you want to be released from psychological tyranny. We’ve witnessed people hold on to situations that happened over a decade ago. That’s not healthy. In order to start removing this excess off of your heart and mind, you must mentally imagine the traumatic situation. Picture it clearly; who was there? Where was the setting? What did it smell like? You want to vividly relive the situation in your mental. Next, it is up to you to create an ending that involves forgiveness rather than hurt. For example, if you encountered a family dilemma that ended on bad terms, imagine it ending differently. Visualize you giving your family a big group hug. Feel the warmth of their hugs and keep saying: “I forgive you.” This will slowly repair the hurt and eventually your mind will accept this forgiveness. Remember, this procedure is the most effective when you align your feelings with your imagination. In other words, you must feel the happiness from the alternate ending. There is no point to imagine something without the emotional response that comes with it. Forgiving yourself means giving a new life for you.

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