The Most Heartwarming Human/Animal Friendships

by Richard

The dog may be known as man’s best friend, but there are so many examples of animals and humans forming unlikely and quite frankly adorable friendships.  The statistics say that animals can be incredibly calming influences during times of difficulty, and it’s led to a range of pet therapy courses popping up on campuses across the US.

This article has taken the time to list a number of interesting human and animal friendships that are quite simply heartwarming.

Ellie and Pajama Sam

But first of all, you begin with the inevitable dog and human friendship. What makes this friendship so special is that the pit bull, named Pajama Sam, is actually deaf. His human companion Ellie became a sensation on social media when the story hit the headlines.

Not only do the two buddies enjoy playing together, in many ways Ellie is a crutch which Pajama Sam can use to function on a day-to-day basis.

Joao and Dimdim

This next entry is a story that has spanned five years. In 2011, 71-year-old fisherman Joao found a dying penguin he later named Dimdim. The little penguin was gently nurtured back to health, before being released back into the wild again. Dimdim went back to sea and Joao thought that this would be the end of the story.

But only months later Dimdim returned, much to Joao’s shock. Since then, the penguin has remained with the fisherman throughout eight months of the year. He only leaves for four months out of every year so he can swim to the coast of Argentina and breed.

Kylie and Snowflake

The five-year-old Kylie Brown was featured by CBS last year during a two-minute segment on the news channel. It didn’t take long for the story to go viral as she walked her pet duck around the local park. Named Snowflake, the two have been best friends ever since.

Residents can find the two in a local park in Freeport, Maine. It’s unclear how the two came to meet, but Kylie insists that she is the mother of Snowflake.

Breana and MJB

11-year-old Breana Carsey has a dream of becoming a racehorse trainer. In a story reminiscent of Warhorse and Seabiscuit, the two have worked together for years so the horse MJB Got Faith could make his debut in active competition. The young foal followed a long journey in the couple’s ambition to become the Ohio Sire Stakes Champion.

What makes this story so incredible is the fact that it shows how much potential the little girl has in her future career. The win made her one of the youngest trainers to win a sanctioned contest and everyone agreed that her ability to form such a connection with her horses makes her a prospect for the future.

Iris and Thula

In 2011, Iris Grace Halmshaw from the UK was diagnosed with autism. Her parents were unsure how to reach her because sufferers of autism are notoriously difficult to share an emotional connection with. They lack the capacity to do so or express their feelings. This often leads parents and loved ones feeling helpless, especially in one so young.

Her parents decided to take an unconventional course of action by adopting Thula. Thula the cat is a therapy car designed to help break through the barriers caused by autism.

The two have formed a spectacular connection with each other. Clips that have gone viral online showing the two enjoying baths, bike rides, and tea parties together.

The Power of Animals

Scientists have long been aware of the connections humans have with animals. In many cases, children are able to form more powerful connections than humans. It’s unclear why this is specifically the case, but it could have something to do with their stature and their trusting nature.

Adults are naturally brought up to feel cautious around animals. Animals are more adept at noticing how humans feel towards them. It’s why wild dogs are programmed to chase prey when they try to run or when they show signs of fear. Even the slightest movement can say everything.

Children are naturally curious and trusting, and when bonds between humans and animals develop it can have a variety of positive effects. Animal owners are shown to be compassionate towards both animals and humans. They are shown to have a higher level of well-being, due to their ability to defeat feelings of loneliness.


Animals and humans can form some curious and intriguing friendships that continue to warm hearts around the world. What are the most delightful human animal relationships you have encountered?

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