The End of Time

by Richard

“You have all the Time in the World.” –Alan Watts

If you’re reading this right now, than chances are your life revolves around this little thing called time. Time dictates the schedule, the seasons, age and ultimately cycles of the world commonly known as life and death. But what is time really? How is it that we all have the same amount in each day but some stress about it more than others? The truth is time is a social structure designed to organize the spontaneous nature of the universe in a way that is more predictable. Because people are more innately rational, mankind developed a system that attracts their logic. 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year in addition to the Gregorian calendar is the framework for a civilized society. Unfortunately, time has a negative side as well. Time is a limitation that binds people to a life of expectations and has the power to influence our choices.

What do we mean when we say that time is a limitation? Well, time determines your age and your age dictates what you should be doing with your life. For instance, if you’re in your teens you should be attending school. If you are in your 20’s you should be pursuing a career. When you are in your 30’s you should be calming down and potentially seek a spouse to marry. The expectations get even more intense as you grow older. When people reach their later years, a lot of them subconsciously and consciously prepare for death. They start writing a will and get life insurance. Moves like these may seem reasonable to your average person but translates a different message on the spiritual plane. Honestly when you really think about it, the end of time means the end of death. There would be no system that defines where you are heading nor would people fear the “end.” On the contrary, people would embrace whatever comes because there would be no “finish line.” There would be no anticipation of what’s soon to come. The concept would be incomprehensible. Stop giving time so much power and do what you want regardless! The end of time is the beginning of wholeness. Remember that.

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