The Benefits of Sleep

by Richard

It is common knowledge that sleep is a requirement of this reality. It is our body’s way of recharging so it can effectively regain its strength. However, there are a surprising amount of benefits that come from getting caught up on those Z’s. From the mental to the physical, sleep offers so much for the well-being of people’s health. Below is a list of several advantages that come from sleeping.

Retain Memory– A process happens while asleep that allows the strengthening of short/long term memory and aptitude of effectively understanding new information.

Live a Fuller Life– Correlations have been discovered with quality of sleep and overall quality of life. Implications from a study showed that women who received at least 6 ½ half hours of sleep per night had longer life spans.

Reduce Inflammation– Many of the common diseases such as diabetes and arthritis stem from excess inflammation. Those who get more sleep have fewer chances of inflammatory issues.

Heightened Creativity- The consolidation process that takes place while sleeping may cause a stronger creative ambition.

Less Fatigue– Specifically observed in athletes, sleep has been shown to enhance performance, boost stamina and lower feelings of exhaustion.

Improve Learning– Samples from elementary to college have all shown to have improved academic performance from sleep.

Increased Concentration- Often time, when kids don’t get enough sleep they become restless and struggle with focusing. There is a direct connection between sleeping well and ability to pay attention.

Healthy Weight– Sleep deprivation has always been associated with poorer weight and muscle problems.

Reduce Stress– With all of the negative consequences that come from not sleeping well, stress and sleep virtually go hand in hand.

Lower Depression– The emotions and moods of a person can become balanced through enough sleep. A lack of it has been linked with depression and anxiety.

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