The Benefit of Breath

by Richard

You ever been in a situation where things become hectic or overwhelming? One of the first things that become affected is our breathing pattern. Often time, we respond by taking short distorted breaths that restrict the blood flow and distort our perception. It wasn’t always like this. When we were young, we breathed slowly and fully. This proper way of breathing is what enhanced physical development and ultimately dictated our early condition. Breath equals life and is the most important necessity to our existence. We can all survive for a while without food and water. Nevertheless, no one can last longer than several minutes without breathing. Why hasn’t there been more of a focus on the mastery of breath?

It’s so fascinating to witness babies practice breathing. Their stomach inflates like a blimp. The intake of the fetus flows throughout their whole vessel. This magnificent sight is the demonstration of full body breathing. This is our natural way of being. Unfortunately, many of us were taught how to breathe incorrectly. Inhaling into the chest does virtually nothing for the lower portion to meet and circulate with our upper worlds (our mind and temple in the head). It’s funny how breathing patterns fluctuate based on the situation. Similar to the situation discussed above, being overwhelmed may actually cause people to slow down. Our body has an automatic response to take a deep breath and navigate the conflict rationally. This is why when people are upset; the first thing an observer will say is something like: “just breathe” or “take deep breaths.” There are several advocates that attempt to master their breath. Whole body breathing is a common practice that rotates the oxygen and causes channels to open up. It literally expands the body; just imagine what it does internally! We would recommend anyone to pay more attention to the breathing and center their focus on full circulation. They will notice the difference immediately. For lack of better words, we can get “high” from breathing correctly. Lastly, breath is free, so enjoy it!

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