Stigma at its Core

by Richard

Do you know how it’s like to feel ashamed? Have you ever experienced situations so traumatic that it makes you want to avoid reality? Sometimes, the judgments of others will force people into a pit of isolation to prevent any chance of rejection. During these desperate times we actually start to become our own biggest critic in attempts to rationalize the harsh treatment of people, public officials and society. However, this too often leads to accepting and even believing the false prejudices inflicted by individuals unwilling to face their own shortcomings. Believe us, it is the truth. Unfortunately, many people suffer from encountering stigma and don’t have the support necessary to remind them of such truths. If this sounds familiar and you for any moment doubt your capabilities; take time to look in the mirror and remember that no one will ever accept you if you don’t accept yourself.

Start taking on a different viewpoint rather than stressing over the opinions of others. Begin interacting with people and express these feelings to someone, anyone, anywhere. The beauty of Paralign is that it takes into consideration your comfort zone. Communicating your feelings from a distance provides a safe medium that allows users to state and relate with their network. We understand that by even posting your thoughts, you’re moving away from feelings of isolation and pain. You are not alone, depression and other related forms of anxiety are so common yet no one wants to talk about it. Everybody wants to proceed with the fabricated illusions of consumerism and competition. There’s no shame in asking for help. We’re moving into an age filled with compassion and understanding. We’re transitioning out of the “dark ages” that were drenched in religious dogma, traditional/unproductive social structures and cultural values and overall denial to accept others for who they are. Join us and become part of a movement that will create a brighter future for all humanity.

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