Stay in the Now

by Richard

We know you’re probably sick of people telling you to stay in the moment but do you really understand the significance of right now? Most people are so focused on what’s ahead of them that they miss the jewels already within their grasp. Additionally, a lot of individuals reflect on the past and allow those memories to alter their emotions. In brief, much of the stress we experience comes from fear of the future and remorse of the past. None of which have anything to do with what matters the most: now. Is it irrational to only focus on the present moment? Maybe, but it is not anymore illogical to mentally travel in time while trying to attend to tasks at hand. It is a huge distraction and only slows you down. Why is staying in the now so substantial? How can we get a better grip on the moment?

The word “now” is an anagram of the word “won.” There is a good reason for this. If you can imagine that you just won a reward of some sort, where would your focus be? Your attention would be completely and utterly in the present moment. Why would it be anywhere else? You do want to find out the details of your reward right? All other priorities would be put on hold until you know further information. It is this feeling of bliss that comes with connecting to the present. Staying in the now makes you feel alone while being simultaneously one with all that is. It’s an indescribable feeling that replaces worry with euphoria. Staying present is as close as we will become to experiencing God’s perspective. There are a couple of ways for beginners to align with the present moment. Take some time out of the day to simply listen to your surroundings. The more you concentrate on the environment’s noises, the less likely you will be bothered by the mind’s rambling. You can also listen to your breath by taking deep and slow inhalations/exhalations. I personally like listening to water flowing, but everybody has their own niche. Another technique to stay present is to make a game out of your projects. Rather than stressing over when it’s going to be done or why it’s not finished yet, do what you can to spice it up a bit. This will involve being creative and thinking outside the box. However, the return will be well worth the effort. Staying in the now brings you back into balance and makes you see things differently. We guarantee it.

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