Self-Care Techniques To Becoming Your Best Self

by Richard

To a variable extent, we all yearn to live the best life possible. There may be very few people who don’t have the goal of reaching their highest potential and becoming their best selves. We all strive to achieve insurmountable happiness and contentment in life to make the most of our time here. For some of us, that might mean a huge flow of cash in our bank accounts or the feeling of the genuine, true happiness. Whichever the case, we’re presenting a few steps that may help you start or continue your journey on becoming the best version of yourself.

1. Love yourself

Cliches are always easier said than done especially when instructions aren’t attached. Loving yourself requires that you come to terms with everything that you’ve been holding back and take responsibility for those limiting beliefs. “

Oh, I can’t write a book because my second grade English teacher told me that my writing was awful”. “I can never start my business because my parents always told me that I was irresponsible”.

“I can never start my business because my parents always told me that I was irresponsible”.

These are all lies that have been reinforced since birth and over time we’ve believed in the illusion that these fallacies are real. Take responsibility and reverse those beliefs by having a daily conversation with yourself, affirming that you are worthy of your goals and you have valuable talents and skills that are unique to who you are. Facing your deepest fears can be tough and you may not see results on Day 1 but making the smallest first step is what matters most. Maybe start by finding something that you genuinely love about yourself and saying it out loud. It’s about looking inward and having that blossoming relationship with yourself that will allow you to become your best version of you.

2. Free yourself through forgiveness

Forgiveness is such a healing power that not only resonates to amplify your well-being but to also enhance the well-being of others. The old saying goes Misery loves company and you’ll find that when you wallow in your guilt for too long and beat yourself up, you may start to have the same effect on others.

The next time you start to think about the mistake that you’ve made in the past, take a second and say out loud or in your mind, “I forgive myself and I love who I am”. Feel free to say this more than once until you are satisfied with the feeling of release. Forgive yourself just as you would forgive others. When forgiving a friend you are making a commitment to letting go of the hurt they caused and moving forward with a more positive attitude. The same holds true when forgiving yourself. When you decide to forgive yourself you are making the commitment to let go of those past feelings and move on to new and exciting things in life.

Now, although you’ve forgiven yourself there may be times where your mind wanders right back to those moments of guilt and unworthiness.It’s normal and happens to everyone. When your guilt starts to bubble up, recognize the feeling, acknowledge the feeling and press an imaginary “STOP” button to immediately re-route your thinking to something positive. Hold that thought in your mind for at least 20 seconds. This can be something as simple as I really enjoying sitting by the window at work/school. Our brain has about 35 thoughts per minute and holding onto this small positive thought will more than likely link to more positive thoughts until your mood and attention have completely shifted.

3. Listen to your intuition

That small voice in your head that often whispers glimpses of excitement or wise advice is often your intuition. Our intuition or instinct is there to protect us but can also be very beneficial when making decisions that represent our truest of heart. Do what truly makes you happy!

If you’d rather stay in tonight rather than going on an all night party spree, do it. If you’re feeling creative and want to go to the beach and draw in your sketch bad on the weekend, do it. More seriously, if you’re considering a college or a job, really take the time to check in with yourself first and last to see if this is something that will truly be the best move for you. Think about your happiness and how you want to feel and think about if this decision will genuinely align with that.

4. Intentionally Relax

This should be one of the easiest steps of all, however, sometimes it’s hard to power off our brains and really shut down. Make an effort to go a few hours or even the entire day without technology and spend time by yourself. You can leave your phone at home and get out to do something fun. When you get back, let us know how you feel.

If you’re just too busy to turn off your phone, take a note from this article How Meditation Reduces Stress Through Mindfulness.

Being the best version of yourself is taking the first step in creating the life that you dream of. Making a conscious effort to check in with yourself may not always be easy but it’s surely well worth your happiness and peace in life.

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