Reprogram the Mental With Paralign

by Richard

Many are beginning to realize the significance of our time. It is fair to say that mankind has been working its way out of a dark age. Dogma and institutionalized beliefs were forced upon the people and opposing views were unwelcome for centuries. Often time, these free thinkers were ridiculed, exiled and even executed. Can you believe that our ancestors were seriously hunting witches? This shows how far we have come but also indicates how much things are still the same.

Throughout history, there have been social structures that define gender roles and expectations of identity. Preconditioned beliefs and ideas have been suggested to us through media and sources of mass influence. Unfortunately, these methods have been exceptionally effective and limit people’s understanding of the world. You can never really say that you are you own person if you have adopted the conveyed perception of what that represents. If this happens, than you are essentially no different from the rest. Your “template” remains the same and because of this, it only allows you to explore so much. But outside of this dogmatic and hypocritical circle of power lies the truth. Outside of this social barrier reveals openness, acceptance and non-biased viewpoints.

The truth is that in order to rightly help the world, you must first help yourself. But if you don’t have a complete understanding of yourself and attempt to make a change with such a limited frame of mind, you will always fall short. This is a time to take responsibility for our true thoughts, unlearn our preconditioned beliefs and connect to our true selves. Just be honest with yourself, do you like/dislike something because of traditional value or because you genuinely support it? Chances are a handful of those opinions were passed onto us from other sources. The best way to express yourself and get in tune with who you really are is to journal your thoughts. You will soon be able to discern the difference between your actual beliefs and biased theories. Paralign offers a state of the art app that allows users to anonymously journal their thoughts. We are just one organization urging the human race to unbind their minds and get back in the driver’s seat. There are countless others waking up and attempting to shake the public from their slumber as well. We are humbled to be part of the movement and thrilled to construct a sovereign future. Our app is an easy to use solution that will properly guide anyone “back to self.”

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