Paralign Promotes Harmony in your Life

by Richard

Paralign was created with the intent of providing a fully-functional journaling application for people all over the world. Our vision was to develop a platform where users can express themselves without worry of judgment from others. A social network that allows users to connect with one another and promote the overall wellbeing of community. Indeed, Paralign is for those anticipating growth in the near future. By journaling thoughts and behavior, one can better identify the actions needed to align themselves with who they truly are. By recognizing how your thoughts, actions and words contradict one another, journaling with Paralign will help remove these blockages from your existence.

There is no need to feel guilty for having conflicted viewpoints. People are usually hypocritical because they are used to the social paradigm that directly opposes truth. The expectations of their employer or peer group will pull them into directions that they think is best rather than following their instinct. Furthermore, conflicts arise from resisting who they want to become through preconditioned beliefs of doubt, inadequacy and lack. Many of us have a vision, but are subconsciously sabotaging ourselves from achieving it. All of us have an innate understanding of giving to others, being honest and showing compassion. We know deep down that these principles are much more beneficial than the paradoxical philosophy of self-gain. Our higher selves are constantly challenging us to unbind our minds from the shackles of society and regain a balanced wavelength. Surely, we are living in an age where traditional values are transitioning into conscious ideals. This is what makes the twenty first century so significant and we are just one entity providing a solution for the needs of this new era. 

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