Meditation is the Best Medication

by Richard

It’s interesting to observe how humanity has consistently looked outward for solutions. Whether in the form of a drug, material, religion or service, people think they have to go out and seek answers. The truth is that all solutions were freely given to us at birth. All you have to do is go in. Return back to yourself, your true self. Look behind the identity that is limiting you from recognizing your full capability. Our mind, body and soul is a divine network of support that directly reacts to our level of belief. There is nothing that we as a people cannot accomplish. However, because everyone looks outward, they see limitations. They interpret a life lacking help and abundance. In all actuality, if they were to just look inward, they would see the vast “innerverse” within their vehicle. There are no limitations when we close our eyes and witness the thought process of our psyche.

Our mental activity is used to being on overdrive because we’ve been taught to think instead of feel. Meditation is simply the disengagement of these normal thought patterns. It’s about breaking away from past regrets and fears of the future. Relaxing our mind so much that we are no longer conscious of thought. Slowing down the mind aligns us with our higher selves. It is behind worry and uncertainty that we are met with solutions.

is why all of the great masters and teachers practiced meditation for their overall health and wellbeing. Meditation has no rules and can be tailored to a person’s preference. There are traditional methods such as closing your eyes and focusing on breathing. There are modern day strategies of listening to music and focusing strictly on the sounds. Some meditate while standing or on the floor. Meditation can also be practiced for a number of reasons. Some people visualize what they want from life while meditating. Others may want to rest their mind and disconnect from thoughts entirely. This is completely up to individual discretion. All objectives of meditation require the mind’s activity to decrease. How you accomplish this is not up to anybody but you. Just remember, meditation is nothing you do it is something you become. Discovering the activity that aligns you with higher levels of awareness may take time. However, it usually lies in our passion. Doing what you love typically slows down the mental and removes the tension. So next time you are seeking a solution, before getting on your phone or googling an answer, try observing and asking yourself. You will be able to remember what you already know through the practice of meditation.

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