Meditate on Your Meal

by Richard

Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not all about sitting in lotus position with your eyes closed. Meditating is simply an act of “being” rather than “doing” which means that no set format is required. Meditating is about channeling your focus into the inner depths of your mind where new discoveries can be realized. This focus can be directed into the present, future or however you please. It is fascinating to consider that the more concentration you dedicate with your mental, the stronger the it intensifies. We’ve seen this to be the case specifically with food. There is a powerful relationship between the edible and the consumer that cannot be ignored. There would not be one without the other and each item can cultivate this partnership exquisitely. We would like to demonstrate how to not only get the most from your food but how you and your meal could connect in ways never dreamed of.

It is a multi-layered process that is unique to our specific meditation. Firstly, simply analyze the food. Feel and observe it with your senses. Take the time to build report with your newest source of energy. Next, pay attention to what your heart is telling you. What do you desire and how are you feeling about this food item? Thirdly, venture into the mind and imagine all of the labor that was essential to bringing this meal onto your plate. Visualize the people, the factories and the packaging. Once this is done, consider the elemental and biological properties of the food. Envision the development of its seed or egg while picturing the metaphysical process that took place before the physical manifestation. Lastly, actually place the food into your mouth and begin savoring this eatable privilege. Rather than focusing on the next bite, suckle the nutrients of your current mouthful. We guarantee you that it will be an experience like no other. 

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