Materials Won’t Cut It

by Richard

Many of us were introduced into a materialistic culture at a young age. You’re not alone. This has influenced our perception on life and determined our priorities. Because we have learned that money is essential for survival, this has become a fundamental requirement of society. We were than taught the idea that the accumulation of money will result in freedom and happiness. Well, this may be true for some. It really all depends on how you generate income and what you use it for. A lot of people like to channel their abundance through material means. There is nothing wrong with it. It is simply just an expression of their tastes and personality. It’s common for people to seek outward and explore beautiful displays of architecture.

I always thought you couldn’t buy it.

But what about seeking inward? The desire for material wishes blinds people from recognizing the importance of internal wealth. Physical, mental and emotional health trails somewhere behind financial gain. Consequentially, these internal faculties are neglected. People become unaware of their thoughts, feelings and urges. This lack of awareness leads to behavior that is hard to control. People like this desperately try to hide behind their net worth. Often using their salary as a tool to measure their self worth, individuals become consumed in material nature. It is imperative that people have a balanced existence internally and externally.

Paralign is specifically designed to focus on thoughts. It is these thoughts that create how we feel and how we feel dictates what we do. Therefore, staying on top of your mental activity puts you back in control of your fate. No one should experience their own thoughts dominate their life. Equally important, nobody should ignore these thoughts by focusing on material desire. Paralign is the perfect medium because it is a material device scientifically engineered to monitor your thought process.

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