Intuition is the New Intelligent

by Richard

“Sometimes following your heart means losing your mind.” –Unknown

Traditionally, intelligence was determined by academics and how logically one reacts to situations. Problems were looked at rationally and through the scope of “what made sense.” The reality is that often time, being sensible limits your understanding of the unknown. You can try your best to map out a master plan and imagine every possible scenario but the unexpected is bound to happen. Logic falls short of acknowledging the spontaneous nature of this world. Humans have grown to believe that their “square” way of looking at things is somehow above or more advanced than animals and primitive species. However, it is humans that have drove the condition of earth to an all-time low. The minds of business intellectuals have willingly exploited our natural resources, polluted the environment and manipulated the natural order of our world. This form of intelligence has developed concepts such as processed food downgrading our dietary expectations while causing all sorts of health problems. Do not misunderstand us, logic is a very valuable tool and there is a reason we were given the choice to use it. However, the new millennium has opened up our minds to unconventional and sometimes unexplainable strategies. Intuition has been one in the spotlight and gained popularity over the years.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, intuition is defined as: a natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence. Doesn’t this sound like faith? Being sure of something that hasn’t happened yet? Sometimes, we connect with our higher self and it assures us of a route that may seem silly to spectators. This is because the creator views our world like a board game and can see which path is the most effective before we can. The creator sends messages and hints in the form of urges that we have commonly understood as intuition. In brief, the intuition is much more powerful than logic will ever be. However, your mind will tend to battle between intellect and intuition. There will be times where you follow your spirit and don’t quite understand the bigger work at play. You may begin to doubt your instinct and fold under pressure. We don’t encourage this because sometimes, things take longer than expected regardless if you’re logical or intuitive. Just imagine if no one listened to their intuition because it wasn’t “realistic!” Many of mankind’s greatest accomplishments such as the plane or computer would probably have never come to existence. This is why it is so important to follow your heart and turn away from those who tell you otherwise. Why not try it out? Today, listen to your intuition and do exactly what it says. You may be surprised where you end up!

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