Independence versus Connectivity

by Richard

Ever since we became mobile during our infant years, we have always sought to attain independence. Whether it was that spoon full of food we wanted to eat without assistance or the room we wanted to clean by ourselves. Independence is a characteristic that many of us admire but requires more responsibility than we think. Independence forces us to be accountable for our actions because we made the decisions, nobody else. It teaches us how to be self-sufficient and not depend on anyone or anything. It is this core principle that  allows us all to stand on our own two feet and handle the challenges of life head on. Without understanding this concept, people would have no initiative to accomplish their objectives. Independence grants us the gift of experiencing and overcoming obstacles firsthand.

Connectivity is when one becomes aware of the endless opportunities for collaboration. It is when your essence becomes aligned with the environment. This universal law connects us with all that is and ever will be. Information circulates the world and presents itself to whoever is ready. Only those that stay connected are truly ready. Contrary to popular belief, this principle has nothing to do with digital connectivity. However, connectivity is very much like the reception of your phone; the better the reception the higher the connectivity and vice versa. It is the activation of our inner senses coming into contact with the most high. Surely, this concept could be seen as the opposite of independence. Connectivity virtually has no limits while independence only gets you so far. Independence also poses a risk of isolation and narcissism if not managed correctly.

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