How To Wake Up Feeling Energized For The Day

by Richard

Being full of energy the moment you wake up is hard.  Naturally, we want to stay in bed and catch up on every minute of sleep we can get, but in reality, that does not happen.  Here are some tips you can follow to wake up feeling more energized every day.

Sleep early, wake up early

As you may have heard before, many of the most successful people sleep at around 10pm, and wake at around 5-6am.  They do this because the few extra hours in the morning helps them prepare for the day.

Create a morning routine

If you wake up to a routine you regularly follow and enjoy, you will look forward to doing that every morning.  You will not have to drag yourself out of bed, but rather go right to it once you are awake.

Listen to your favorite music

Once you wake up in the morning, turn on your favorite music and this will give you more motivation to start your day.

Create a schedule the night before

Making a schedule for the things you will be doing the next day helps you stay concentrated and determined to keep track of time.


Exercising does not just have to be in the morning, but any time throughout the day.  Having a workout session in your day makes you more awake every time you wake up in the morning.

Eating healthy and drink tons of water

This should be a given but as a reminder, keeping your body healthy is one of the best ways to feel energized throughout the day and in the morning. Also, staying hydrated is just as important.

If you follow these tips, you will see immediate results.  You will notice more healthy changes in your lifestyle.  The most important thing after doing this is to maintain it.  Keeping it a habit will make waking up every morning less painful, and more enjoyable.

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