How to Stop Using Drugs on Your Own

by Richard
how to stop using drugs on your own

Drug addiction has been sky rocketing for a long time now. There are a number of reasons why drug use has been spreading. Easier access to drugs, increased tensions in life, lack of awareness and more. Regardless of what sets you on drugs, once you begin walking this path, your life can turn into a downward spiral. The worst thing about drugs is that they’re hard to give up on. Today, we’re going to talk about how to stop using drugs on your own. Most cases of drug addiction can be dealt with on your own. We’re going to look at how this can be done. That how can you stop relying on drugs and also keep yourself from relapsing.

Where to Start?

Getting off of drugs is a process that takes time and patience. Most of all, it takes determination. The very first step that you need to take is to realize that you have a problem. That you need to do something about your dependence on drugs. Battling any kind of addiction isn’t easy. This is because of the fact that an addiction is basically a form of chemical alteration in your body. Constant abuse of a certain substance ends up altering our body. This alteration makes our body dependent on the continuous use of the said substance. Battling an addiction means forcefully correcting this alteration in your body.

Most addicts are unable to completely sure their addiction because they lack conviction. The smallest moment of hesitation can result in you giving into your body’s cravings. It is important to tell yourself that your dependence on a substance isn’t okay. Once you wholeheartedly believe that addiction is a problem, only then will you have the mental strength needed to take the necessary steps.

How to Strengthen Your Resolve?

Every recovering addict has to deal with all kinds of moments of weaknesses. As they progress towards sobriety, these moments of weakness become easier to deal with. The trick to making sure that you never give into these moments is to strengthen your resolve. You need to tell yourself that you will not let anything take you off the path that you have chosen.

There are various ways one can strengthen their resolve. You can find ways to track your progress, set milestones that you achieve as you battle your addiction. These milestones can act as important reminders of what you’ve had to go through in order to get rid of your problem. Along with strengthening your resolve, you also need to find ways to minimize the number of moments of weakness that you have to deal with.

Every addict has certain aspects in their daily life that draws them towards abuse. As a recovering addict, you need to identify these aspects and make changes to your routine. You want to cut them out of your life or make changes to them. Find out your triggers; do you do drugs because you get stressed? Do you do drugs because your friends do them? Do you do them because they’re fun? Or perhaps you do them because you have easy access to them. Once you’ve determined what your triggers are, the next step is to do something about them. Getting rid of your addiction will require you to make sacrifices. But these sacrifices will help you in the long run.

Keep Yourself Motivated

Motivation is a really powerful factor. A number of recovering addicts give up on their treatments because they become disillusioned. You need to make sure that you never lose sight of why you want to stop doing drugs. It’s nice to constantly remind yourself of what pushed you towards seeking treatment.

Keeping your mind set on the change that you want can really help. Think of how getting rid of your addiction can help you improve your relations. Think of how it can help you improve your physical and mental health. Making notes of how much money you would save by dropping drugs is a great way to keep yourself motivated. Start off by thinking how much will you save every week, then scale that up to a month. Think of all the money that you have spent on drugs so far.

Do Research

Knowledge can be a very powerful tool when fighting addiction. Every drug affects the body differently. Knowing how your addiction has altered your body can make it easier for you to treat yourself. Read up about the substance that you’re addicted to. You can find a number of self-help guides on the internet that can provide you with valuable treatment related information.

Stopping drug abuse is a very personal battle. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t keep outside help on the table. Having someone to talk to about your addiction can be really therapeutic. You can join therapy groups where you can converse with like-minded people. Having people who understand what you’re going through can make all the difference.

For people who have a really severe case of addiction, professional help can be recommended. Professional drug treatments provide you with a supportive environment in which you can recover safely. These programs can be intensive at times, but they tend to produce great results.


Overall, fighting your addiction by yourself is very possible. It just takes effort and patience. One needs to have a strong resolve and must be able to maintain a positive attitude throughout their treatment. The first few months of recovery are often grueling, however, they’re worth it. Just consider the fact that getting rid of drugs from your life can turn so much around for you.

Seeking help for your problem is nothing to be ashamed of. Anyone can get addicted to harmful substances. However, only few people have the resolve and mental strength needed to actually fight their addiction. Being a recovering addict is something that you should be proud of.

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