How to Stop Feeling Helpless

by Richard

I remember my dad always saying, “There is always an alternative.”  Having a slightly rebellious attitude, I had always disregarded his statement and continued to detest myself for making so many errors-big and little.  However, as I grew up and began to understand things at a more mature level, I changed my mindset and accepted critical feedback.  I started to embrace the fact that I was wrong and that enabled me to learn new things that I would not have if I did not change my mindset.

Once you change the way you perceive the things around you, you will realize that you will become a better person. The following are three scenarios in which you may or may not have encountered before and some suggestions as to how to solve them.

1. Relationships

Whether it is a friendship or a romantic relationship that is wearing down, you may feel very upset.  But before you spiral down to the point it is difficult to pick yourself back up again, ask yourself a few questions.  The first is, “Did this relationship deteriorate because of faults on my end?  If yes, “What can I do to make up for my mistake and reconcile again?”  If you identify that it is your friend/partner who is causing the relationship problems, it is crucial to confront them with your opinions.  However, if they oppose your argument and think that they are correct, you two may not be suited for each other.  It might be time to let go of the relationship, because developing it further may be hurting both of you.  Accept the fact that it does not work, and move on.  Meet other people everywhere you go and develop better and stronger relationships.

2. Losing a Job

With no doubt, being unemployed gives a bad feeling.  You are not making income, you have nothing to do on a daily basis, and it is just no fun.  Nevertheless, do not just stop there.  Hustle and look for opportunities to get your life back on track.  You can do this by going to job fairs, meetup/networking groups, or simply browse online for jobs.  If they ask for an interview, be prepared and be confident! If you are a risk taker or have a good startup idea, then start your own business!  You will never know how far your business success can take you.

3. Failing a Test

Most likely, this will mainly apply to students who are studying in school.  Receiving a poor grade on a test should actually be the least of your worries.  There will be ways you can either retake the test, or make up for the score.  Do not ever let a letter grade, or a number determine who you are.  After all, it is not the knowledge that gets you far in life, but how you make use of it in real life situations.

So do not ever let a setback take over your life.  You are capable of doing things that are beyond your imagination, and all it takes is determination and confidence.

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