How to Make Fear Disappear

by Richard

We have all heard the saying, “there is nothing to fear but fear itself” and is a quote that has served as a guideline for generations. Paralign wants you to know that your fears are not unique to you and you are most certainly not alone. However, fear is like a disease and once it has initiated itself into the environment; it spreads like wildfire. Unfortunately, many of us were brought up in a society where being afraid is rational. This is why people invest millions of dollars in home security systems, firearms, health/life insurance and medicine. Corporations love to provide services and solutions that depend on fear of the public.

The biggest problem with fear is that it manifests on all levels of reality. It becomes so accepted that people never want to admit that they are victim to fear-based thinking. They can never truly recognize how afraid they are because their interpretation is narrow. However, when one digs deep into the underlying factors of decisions and intentions; fear is usually at the origin. Furthermore, fear has been simultaneously shunned from conversation. This means that many people are even more afraid to talk about their fears. By bottlenecking emotions, fears consume their thought process and impact their lives.

Paralign wants fears to not only be accepted but embraced by our users. The more that people express their inner fears through writing and connecting with others, the easier it will be to manage. We have thousands of members dedicated to support people in this process. We would recommend first time users to scroll through posts until finding entries that correlate with how they’re feeling. Once they are ready, it would be best to post pieces on their own fears. Paralign also respects user privacy by allowing the author’s identity to remain anonymous. Fears are only powerful because we choose to not express or deal with it. Our app is committed to assist in the breakdown of our user’s fears and align it with their higher purpose. Just as a wise shaman once said, “turn your fears into dancing partners.”

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