How to Get Rid of Anger Inside of You

by Richard
how to get rid of anger inside

Anger is an ugly emotion. It is almost as ugly as jealousy. Anger makes you irrational and makes you do things that you regret. However, anger is an incredibly natural emotion. We all find ourselves in situations where anger is a perfectly normal emotion to feel. Being a natural emotion doesn’t make it any better though. Today, we’re going to talk about how to get rid of anger inside in a way that will give you a peace of mind without having your burst out on others.

While anger is a natural emotion, there are a few bad things that come with it. People who have a harder time controlling their anger are more likely to develop heart disease. Frequent anger can also upset your blood pressure, your sleep cycle, and may even lead to depression. The trick to dealing with your own anger is to understand it. Most people who have fits of rage often don’t really understand their own emotions. This results in them not being able to identify their anger and figure out how to deal with it. The worst thing that one can do is let their anger bottle up inside them. This is a poor tactic that’s bad for your mental health. Bottled up anger will come out at some point. And when it does, it’s an ugly sight most of the times.

Getting rid of your anger is a complete, multi-step process. It requires patience and a bit of practice as well. Remember, no one is immune from anger. Every human is capable of feeling anger, and we all do. Some people are simply better at controlling their anger. This isn’t an inborn talent, anyone can learn to control their anger.

Identify What Gets You Angry

Just like any other emotion, if you want to control your anger, you need to understand it first. We all have things that upset us, triggers that ruin our mood. These triggers are the underlying cause for our anger. We must be able to identify them. Once you manage to do that, you can begin developing a better understanding of your emotion.

To do this, you need to face your anger. Many people think that ignoring their anger is the best way to deal with it. However, ignoring your anger is perhaps the worst thing that you can do. Ignoring what you feel leads to your anger being suppressed, and suppression leads to bottling up your anger.

Instead of ignoring your anger, you should confront it. Confront the underlying cause of the anger. If it’s something that someone said, instead of ignoring them, have a talk with them. Communication can be a powerful tool in anger management. It can also help save many relationships that you have in your life.

Ways to Vent out Your Anger

Venting out your anger is great for you. We don’t mean that you should scream at the top of your lungs when you’re angry. There are a number of better ways to vent out your anger.

Anger is closely related with stress, so there are a number of stress relieving practices that help with anger management. The simplest being breathing exercises. When you feel your anger beginning to build up, you should take a moment’s break. Remove yourself from the situation and begin controlled breathing. Controlled breathing is really simple, you take deep breaths through your nose. Use the diaphragm to such in as much air as possible, then release your breath through your nose. Controlled breathing slows your heart rate, relaxes your body, and helps stabilize your blood pressure. Controlled breathing can help you bring your anger under control before it builds up.

Controlled breathing can be a superb way of keeping your anger under control in various situations. Exercising is another way to control your anger as well. Regular exercise helps you de-stress yourselves. People who have some sort of physical exercise in their daily routine have a far better time controlling their anger. Exercise can be almost therapeutic since it gives you a place to vent out your frustration and stress. Exercising also releases “feel good” hormones in your body that further help elevate your mood.

Stress relief toys can be great to have on hand if you have trouble with your anger. Stress relief toys are designed to provide you with an option to immediately release your anger. Having one in your pocket can help you keep your emotions under control in a tough situation.

Another great way to control your anger is to watch something funny. The internet is loaded with memes and all kinds of funny content. You can always scroll through your Facebook feed in order to find funny content. Looking at something funny when you’re angry distracts you from your anger.

Change The Way You Think

This is a more gradual approach to anger management. One can train themselves to become more flexible and restructure their thinking. This can be done through mental exercises and by teaching yourself to have positive thoughts. The results for this approach are slow, but they are also a lot more fulfilling since they help make you a better person.


After having gone through this article, it becomes clear that dealing with anger is easy. Anger management is an art, one that teaches you how to control your emotions. Whenever you’re angry, you need to find ways to distract yourself from what you’re feeling. Tricking your brain into thinking that you’re happy often makes your anger disappear. You can trick yourself into being happy in a number of ways. Another useful trick is to find ways of venting out your anger. Exercise, controlled breathing, and stress relief toys are all great for venting your anger out.

Once you learn how to control your anger, you will find it much easier to remain level headed. It will also help you out, health wise, in the long run.

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