How to Get Over Your Fear of Guilt or Fear from Past Failures

by Richard

In the US, just 53% of people felt they had a good chance of starting a successful business. The rest thought they didn’t have the capabilities. These people are afraid to fail. It’s the most common type of fear there is in business. You may feel guilty over previous events or you may be scared even to give it a try.

Getting over guilt and fear of failure can be done, but it first requires you to acknowledge that these feelings exist. In this guide, you are going to learn how to overcome one of the harsh realities of entrepreneurship.

It’s Okay to Have these Feelings

Believe it or not, the reason why many people can’t get over feelings of guilt is because they are guilty about having those thoughts in the first place. It’s a source of embarrassment and humiliation that they can never truly overcome. And until they can accept that having these feelings is okay they are never going to get on the road to recovery.

There are some relationships that matter most in life. The relationship with yourself is one of the main ones. You can successfully change your feelings through looking yourself in the mirror and accepting that how you feel is nothing to be ashamed of.

Only by acknowledging and accepting such feelings will you survive your first years of entrepreneurship.

Let It Out

Once you have acknowledged that these fears exist, successful entrepreneurs need to expel them from the body. As it stands, they are locked inside your being and until you can purge them you are never going to move on. There are many ways that you can move on with your life.

First of all, you can have an emotional outburst. The problem is that many CEOs and entrepreneurs fail to protect their online reputation because their outbursts happen in a public setting. Instead, lock yourself in a private place and let your frustrations go. It could be chopping trees in the middle of the forest or simply punching a pillow in the comfort of your own room.

Once you have released the tension, begin to talk about it. Share a dialogue with someone you trust and respect. It doesn’t have to be another businessperson. You are not necessarily searching for advice you are searching for someone who is willing to listen to you.

Learn from Others

Have you ever wondered why the most successful entrepreneurs in the world all have the same attributes in common?

It’s due to the fact that they all learn from each other. They weren’t born that way. They learned and they studied the people who came before them. You can do the same. There are so many biographies on this issue that you aren’t short of reading material.

You don’t even have to choose someone famous. It could be an entrepreneur you look up to in your daily life. Pick out someone you can learn from.

Redefine What Failure Is

The problem with getting over failure and repairing the damage that has been caused by this negative thinking is that it implies failure is something to fear. It implies that failure is a bad thing. For the entrepreneur, failure is a part of life and it should be something that’s embraced.

You need to go through a process of changing the definition of failure. Instead of seeing failure as a negative thing that becomes your identity, you should see it as simply the failure of an experiment. The issue with most people is that when they fail they say that it makes them a failure.

Clever entrepreneurs create a complete divide themselves and the experiments that fail. They are not failures but their experiments are, and so when an experiment fails they will move to the next one.

It’s Not as Easy as it Sounds

Simply putting all this down on paper makes it sound easy. It’s not easy to break out of this thinking that guilt and failure are something to be ashamed of. It’s something to be embraced because it’s all part of your journey to success. Talk about your successes because sharing your happiness can bring more happiness, and you may unknowingly inspire someone else along the way.


Overcoming fear and guilt is one of the skills of great entrepreneurs and it can be done if you are willing to acknowledge these feelings and to release the negativity that has been built up inside you. For some, it’s a relatively simple process, whereas for others it can take a long time to overcome.

But never give up otherwise your great business idea may remain an idea forever. It’s better to try and to fail than to never try at all.

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