How To Approach The Difficult Subject Of Suicide Among The Startup Community

by Richard

Suicide in the startup community is a sad reality. There have been a number of stories in recent years regarding entrepreneurs who have committed suicide. The spotlight has been firmly shown on mental health issues. It’s something that so many startup owners don’t talk about.

Approaching the difficult subject of suicide is difficult, but this guide is going to attempt to look into the role of counseling services in dealing with mental health and how to better improve your mental health.

Being Ashamed About Mental Health Issues

The reason why many people don’t talk about their mental health issues is because they are ashamed about their mental health issues. A lot of entrepreneurs see it as a sign of weakness, and so they hold their feelings in and don’t talk about it. It’s the psychological price of this life.

Depression happens to even the strongest people. Mental health issues impact even the best entrepreneurs in the world. There’s a drive to make people speak about their mental health issues. Today, it’s not considered a sign of weakness it’s considered a sign of strength.

Even talking about what you are going through to help you get through the worst of it.

Learn to Fail

Many people have trouble concentrating on the issue at hand because they are so concerned with their previous failures. They are unable to get past what has happened in the past. The reality is that entrepreneurs will fail more than anybody else in the world. It’s the harsh reality of the business. And two-thirds of startups won’t survive the decade.

If you are unable to accept failure in a mature and adult way, you are going to struggle to deal with your mental health. The best entrepreneurs are those who brush off failure. They don’t ignore the prospect of failure and they don’t pretend it didn’t happen. They accept that it has happened and they look for ways in which they can improve going forward.

The way to deal with failure is to speak to people who have experienced failure and have successfully come through it. You will gradually come up with your own coping mechanisms.

For example, some people decide to invest in corporate retreats so they can take some time away from the bubble to reflect on their performance. Not only can they recharge and kill stretch, they can find ways to actively improve.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Studies have shown that people who experience the greatest amount of stress are those who spend the most time on social media. The majority of those are spending their time comparing themselves to others. They are comparing their own position in life with others, and that can damage your self-esteem and your overall mental health.

Entrepreneurs need to learn to carve their own path.

How to Spot Signs of Suicide?

A lot of entrepreneurs are so used to being isolated that they are unable to listen to others. They need to admit that they have a problem in order to seek help. You need to spot the signs of suicide in yourself before you actually reach a point where you attempt suicide. Some of the ways to spot signs of suicide include:

  • A constant dark cloud.
  • Dreams that include suicide.
  • Thoughts about how you would kill yourself.

These are the extreme signs and these demonstrate that you are close to the edge. Once you spot these signs, you must act to change your lifestyle immediately.

What’s the Answer to Suicide?

There are no special tips to deal with suicide. The simple fact is that you need to seek out professional help. Only they can help you to get to the root of the issue if matter have accelerated this far. They will be able to provide you with some coping mechanisms to help.

It all revolves around changing how you view yourself and dealing with the stress caused by that. Stress is the major contributor of poor mental health with entrepreneurs in the startup community.

Last Word – Talk About It

But the reality is that you need to talk about your issues. The startup community needs to engage more and provide more support through mental health services. There’s no telling how many entrepreneurs are dealing with thoughts of suicide, but there’s definitely many who are suffering in silence.

Sometimes it requires the help of a professional and sometimes it requires a family member or close friend to bring it up. Whatever it takes, talk about it.

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