How Sharing Your Happiness Can Bring More Happiness

by Richard
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There’s nothing purer than feeling genuinely happy and content. But like all humans, you likely want to feel happy forever, and you want to feel happier than you ever have before. Sharing your happiness is the way to bring more happiness. If this sounds like a foreign concept, you are in the right place.

In this guide you are going to learn about how sharing your happiness really can bring you more happiness. It can improve your life, get more out of your team at work, and genuinely make you fall in love with life.

Humans are Helpful Creatures

One look at the news and you may feel that humans are the worst creatures in the world. But psychology studies have shown that humans help each other not because they love helping but because it gives them a sense of pride. It gives them a ‘feel good’ moment, like when they give to charity. This may sound incredibly selfish, but it’s an instinctual reaction that ever healthy person feels.

If you want to share your happiness, do so by helping someone. It’s guaranteed to bring you more happiness.

Optimists Beat Cynics

Whenever an optimist is being positive, it’s easy to roll your eyes and say that they are living in a fantasy world. But being cynical, or even being a realist, can be detrimental to your overall happiness. One of the relationships that matter most in life is the relationship with the world around you, as well as the one with yourself.

The numbers have shown time and time again that optimists don’t just better lives they live longer lives. It’s all down to the concept of stress. Cynics are naturally feeling more stress because they are bitter and unhappy with the world. This lack of happiness is not good for the body because it grinds it down at a faster rate.

Optimists are constantly sharing their happiness simply by being happy all the time. These are the people sharing their good vibes by lighting up a room. And their good vibes are making others happier and helping them to live longer, thus providing a double benefit.

Sharing in General

Rather than focusing on happiness for a moment, focus on the act of sharing itself. Sharing is something that is the basis for all human relationships and all civilizations. It’s true that relationships may change over time, but sharing is the one constant.

A study from Psychology Today demonstrated that there’s absolutely no constant between well-being and wealth. Just because you happen to have more wealth doesn’t mean to say you are going to be happier. But there’s a direct link between wellbeing and sharing.

This doesn’t have to involve sharing anything significant. It can be absolutely anything, even if just happens to be good news. The act of sharing elicits a positive response that will make you happier.

So How Do You Go About Sharing Your Happiness?

When you talk about sharing, you are thinking about something that you can actively give to someone. This can be done with a physical object or it can be delivered through your voice. Sharing your happiness requires you to share something that can’t be seen and can’t truly be given to someone else.

Then how do you go about sharing your happiness?

Rather than speaking about a single act of kindness, this is about a constant process. If you are truly happy, you have to make an effort to share this happiness constantly. It’s about walking into a room and instantly making people feel better. It may be through telling a joke or by simply having an upbeat attitude.

As well as encouraging others to feel happier, you are doing wonders for your own well-being through purporting your positive attitude and the act of sharing.

Are Happy People Always Happy?

It’s a common misconception that the people spreading happiness constantly have to exist in a bubble where they are cut off from the harsh realities of the world. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Experiencing the full range of human emotions for a short time is essential for absolutely everyone.

It’s not healthy to experience one emotion constantly. Happy people can get sad, upset, and depressed as much as the next person. The difference is they are able to get over it. They are able to bounce back and become their positive selves all over again.


If you want to be truly happy, you have to share. You have to go out of your way to make others happy. If you are going to do this, make sure you start today. Lift up someone who’s down with a kind word here or a friendly gesture there. Even the smallest action can make a huge difference.

How are you going to share your happiness today?

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