The 7 Best Exercise Bike For Heavy Person in 2020

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Exercise is absolutely essential for you regardless of whether you are overweight, normal weight, or even underweight. The basic purpose of physical activity is to keep us active and healthy in general. However, if you are looking to exercise for the sake of losing weight, then cardio should be the way to start. There are different ways of doing cardio, but thanks to the popularity of spin classes, exercise bikes are a popular option. If you happen to be self-conscious about exercising in public spaces, you can try to find the best exercise bikes for ​obese person in 2020, so that you can exercise in the privacy of your own home, and be rest assured that your exercise bike will be able to support your weight.

​However, before you even think about purchasing an exercise bike, you should first make sure that you are following a healthy diet routine and ​using a supplement like Resurge which will help you lose weight quickly and efficiently.

A heavy duty fitness bike with a compact form factor. This exercise bike has an upright sitting position and can support as much as 300 Lbs. of user weight limit. It uses a magnetic tension system for its pedaling system. You can choose between 8 different tensions levels. The bike has a collapsible frame that makes it easy to store. Its collapsible frame also allows for height adjustments. This makes the bike comfortable for short and tall people.

The bike has a wide, well-cushioned comfortable seat and ergonomic handholds. It also has a console with an LCD display. The LCD lets you keep track of various readings throughout your workout.


  • The bike has a high weight ​limit.
  • Its seat cushion is large and comfortable.
  • The bike’s collapsible frame makes it compact and also lets you adjust its height.
  • Its pedaling system is quiet.


  • The bike’s console is very barebones.
  • Its exercise tracking is inaccurate. It also doesn’t save user data.

This recumbent bike has a sturdy frame. It has a step through design that makes getting on and off really easy. Its 300 Lbs. weight ​limit and step through design make the bike ideal for overweight people. The seat has a wide base and a tall backrest as well. It’s covered in high density foam for added comfort. The bike’s pedaling system uses magnetic resistance. You can choose from 8 different intensity levels for your workout.

The bike has a small console as well with an LCD screen. You can stay updated on your workout progress with this screen. Comfort is huge deal in this exercise bike. Its frame is adjustable for accommodating people with different heights. Even the pedals are weighted in order to maximize foot support.


  • A comfortable design makes this machine great for people with aches and pains.
  • The bike has a high weight capacity.
  • Its magnetic resistance system has 8 intensity levels.
  • The console has a large LCD that makes it easier to read.
  • The seat is spacious and well-padded.
  • It has a robust frame which can be adjusted.


  • The pedal straps are quite tight.
  • The bike’s assembly is tricky.
  • Its computer can be confusing to operate.

A step through type recumbent bike with a max weight capacity of 300Lbs. The seat has a sliding rail that lets you adjust its distance from the pedals. Its pedal system is designed to offer a smooth and ​comfortable workout experience. And it has over 20 resistance levels that you can choose from.

The console on this​ exercise bike is really noteworthy. It has 2 LCDs that provide you with various kinds of information. The overall console design is quite streamlined as well. It lets you interact with the machine with ease. You can select any of the 22 pre-programmed routines very easily through the console. The console has a USB port, built-in speakers, and a fan as well.


  • The bike has a high weight capacity.
  • It’s frame and seat offer adjustability. This gives everyone the option to personalize their bike.
  • The pedal system is smooth and offers 20 resistance levels.
  • The console is really fleshed out. It gives you loads of features that can improve the quality of your workout.
  • The bike comes with 22 pre-programmed workout routines.


  • The seat has a plastic base and back.
  • The seat’s sliding system is hard to reach.

A compact bike with a collapsible frame. This exercise bike has a mix between an upright and recumbent sitting position. It can support as much as 225 Lbs. of weight. The bike’s seat is padded and has a back ​support as well. Its pedal system had 8 levels of resistance that can be set manually with a knob. The pedal system has a 3.3 Lbs. flywheel that gives it a very realistic feeling during your workout.

The console on this bike is really simple. It features an LCD display that lets you track your workout progress. The bike’s handholds have heart rate monitors in them as well.


  • The bike’s simple design makes it easy to use.
  • Its pedaling is smooth and isn’t noisy.
  • The bike is really easy to assemble.
  • It doesn’t take up a lot of space.


  • The bike’s seat can become uncomfortable.
  • The seat’s adjustment is tricky.

Another entry from Schwinn, this time, it’s an upright bike. This upright bike can withstand as much as 300 Lbs. The seat is nicely padded and feels comfortable to sit on. The contoured handholds further enhance comfort by letting you shift your upper body weight. The pedal system in this bike is computer aided. It offers 25 levels of resistance and a smooth pedaling experience. The bike’s pedals are extra large in order to make them more comfortable.

The console has an LCD screen and a bunch of controls as well. These controls let you interact with the bike and make the most out of it. It comes with 29 exercise programs and an option for maintaining up to 4 user profiles. The console has a large cupholder and fans as well.


  • The bike has a high weight capacity.
  • It provides an excellent sitting position for working on your legs.
  • It has a very sturdy frame.
  • The pedal system is quiet and offers a wide range of intensity levels.


  • The console LCD does not have backlighting.
  • The bike’s seat adjustment is troublesome.

This upright bike is designed to save space without compromising on your comfort. It has a collapsible frame that lets you fold the bike when you aren’t using it. The seat is quite spacious and is covered in padding. It also has a backrest. The bike gives you two options for handholds. You can either grab handholds on the bike’s seat or the ones on its console. It has a max 300 Lbs. weight capacity. making it ideal for anyone who’s overweight.

The bike’s flywheel pedal system offers 10 levels of intensity. The console has a small screen that keeps you updated on your workout progress.


  • This bike has a high max weight capacity and a spacious seat.
  • Its 3.3 Lbs. flywheel has 10 level adjustable resistance.
  • The bike’s operation is quiet.
  • It is very lightweight, making it easier to carry around.


  • The pedal system’s higher settings aren’t as challenging as you might think.
  • Its console is lack luster.

A heavy duty recumbent bike with a max 350 Lbs. weight capacity. This bike can be used to workout your legs and your arms. It has handlebars that are connected with the pedal system. The bike has a step-through design and a large seat as well. The seat’s base and back are designed with larger people kept in mind. Its pedal system uses magnets for creating resistance. And there are 8 different intensity levels to choose from.

The console features a small screen for monitoring your workout progress. This bike focuses a lot on ergonomics. Even its pedals are larger than usual.


  • The bike has a very high weight capacity.
  • The bike has a versatile design. You can use it to work on your upper and lower body.
  • The bike is designed with larger people kept in mind. Its seat and pedals are extra-large.
  • It has transportation wheel as well. This makes moving the machine around easier.
  • The seat gives you plenty of options for making adjustments.


  • The arm workout handholds don’t have adjustable height.
  • Using the arms at faster workout paces can be difficult.

You will find a variety of different exercise bikes going by different names like an upright exercise bike, heavy duty exercise bikes, and recumbent ​bikes and so on. You should not let the names confuse you because all exercise bikes target the same set of muscles and offer the same benefits.

Targeted muscle groups in exercise bikes include:

  • Hamstrings
  • Quadriceps
  • Your Abdominals
  • Calf muscles
  • Core muscles

You will also be burning a lot of calories while you are using the best exercise bike, which will facilitate weight loss.

If you are interested in learning more about exercise ​​bicycles and buying the right exercise bike for your own weight, you can keep on reading below:

Weight Capacity

Different exercise ​​bicycles do happen to have different weight capacities. If you happen to be heavy, you will need an exercise bike that is able to support your range of lb weight capacity. You can look through different bike descriptions to learn about their weight capacity and limit. So, the user weight limit is an important area that you need to consider when you are dealing with different exercise bikes. This will help overweight people feel better about themselves and will help them feel included. This is why we have only listed those bikes on this page which have more than 330 lbs weight capacity.

Upright vs Recumbent Exercise Bikes

This is another argument that you will find amongst respective parties. Some people feel upright exercise bikes are better than recumbent bike and vice versa. If you are not familiar with the two terms, then a recumbent ​bike has a backrest while an upright exercise bike just has the seat cushion and nothing else. Recumbent exercise bikes are good for people who are old, have back issues, or have plenty of space and are looking for something more low-impact. An upright exercise bike, on the other hand, takes very little space and is great for people who also want to focus on their back muscles and have a more rigorous workout.

Levels of Resistance

Every exercise bike comes with resistance adjustment options. Some bikes offer different ranges of ​magnetic resistance and allow you to truly tweak the resistance levels to your liking, while others might not be as lenient. A magnetic recumbent bike and most recumbent bikes in general usually have magnetic resistance levels instead of friction or air resistance that is found in other exercise ​​bicycles. You can, of course, go to any store and give these bikes a trial run and see which type of resistance feels better to you since everyone has their own preferences when it comes to this matter.


This is another tricky area because the answers to this particular question are always subjective and varied. There are hundreds of models of exercise ​bicycles and each model has its own set of features and accessories. Of course, a general rule of thumb, in this case, is that more features mean a higher price point. If money is not a problem for you, then you can get the latest model that is chock-full of different features and upgrades. However, if you want to save money, then the only features you should look for are the bare minimum ones. A good exercise bike should have an LCD display, and the display should be clear and easy to read. Apart from that, it should be able to monitor your heart rate, the amount of time you have spent on the bike, the total number of calories burnt, the total distance that has been covered, and at most, the level of resistance you have set your bike on. The ​top exercise ​​bicycles have the same features followed by a few extra, and you can do without the extra ones.

Exercise Programs

At the end of the day, your goal is to lose weight, and this is why you need an exercise bike that has different exercise programs. Overweight people, obese people, and even people with normal weight can benefit immensely from exercise programs. These workout programs vary in terms of duration, intensity and resistance levels. If you are looking for a challenge, then making use of workout programs is the most effective way for you to burn enough calories consistently and lose weight.


Your level of comfort is very important when you are dealing with exercise equipment. You will want an exercise bike that has a large seat so that you are properly settled, and you will also want a cushioned seat so that you do not end up feeling discomfort because that will only demotivate you from using the bike further. Lastly, an adjustable seat is also important because it will allow you to completely set the seat to your body type, which will ensure a more comfortable workout for you.

At the end of the day, stationary bikes and all other exercise ​bicycles serve the same purpose and have mostly the same features and mechanics. You sit on the bike, you put in your desired resistance level, and then pedal away. The pulse monitor and other features will track your progress and will let you see where you are going. The question of back support is another thing you need to keep in mind when looking at an exercise bike of any sort. High weight capacity is absolutely necessary, and lastly, you need to remember that health fitness matters, but it does not determine your worth in the world.

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