Don’t Believe Them

by Richard

The truth is not many people will believe in you and they never will if you don’t believe in yourself. The least you can do is have some backbone and eradicate all of the self-doubt that you’ve believed to be true. When we were young, our parents said we can do anything but forgot to tell us that it may become harder as we grow older. It’s not that your capabilities have weakened or resources have lessened. The biggest reason people struggle is because they start believing their negative thoughts. “Maybe this isn’t my path…I should just get a job…Am I destined to fail?” It is suggestions like these that you would expect to hear from critics but often time are planted within our own psyche. Of course critics play a role but their power is dictated by how strongly they can influence your mind set. Again, the bare minimum is to believe in yourself. If your beliefs are true; they’ll see sooner or later.

Unfortunately, we see a lot of people put down their passions on a shelf to collect dust. They stop believing and conform to what is expected out of them in life: go to work and pay bills. Meanwhile, their dreams remain in a reservoir of consciousness waiting to be summoned into reality. Dreams are always obtainable. The main reason why dreams don’t come true is that people forget they are already living in one. This is the power of belief. This reminds us that what we experience is merely a reflection of our thoughts. Therefore, what we dream about and the thoughts we believe in become us. Thoughts and words create worlds. It’s so obvious, that no one seems to notice. Don’t believe the hype, stop complaining about getting a job and create one! Put in that work for the last touches on a delayed project! Whatever it may be, do not believe the notations that attempt to pull you down. Do your best to emotionally align with thoughts that uplift and build you.

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