Discover Happiness in Helping Others

by Richard

In this day and age, people blindly look outward to fill a void of dissatisfaction from life. They will accumulate wealth, material possessions, and other forms of tangible things as an attempt to maintain happiness. This form of what people consider happiness is more “fun” than anything. Physical things are fun to have but should never be used to substitute happiness. This desperate effort to gain happiness indicates that deep down; they’ve had it all along. The truth is that happiness could never be “gained” it can only be remembered. Happiness can only be discovered and realized. Happiness is something that we willingly choose to be but can never be given to us. Everyone reading should consider how they can be of service to others. Ask yourself, “How can I make someone’s life easier through my knowledge, skill, talent or resources?”

It doesn’t take much other than letting others know that you care. This in itself is enough to make anyone happy. Giving is not always an easy thing to do but is a required duty in this reality. People that try to bottleneck all of their wealth and wisdom eventually implode under the pressures of universal expectations.  This is why trees let their seeds drop freely to the ground without taking any days off or expecting anything in return. This is also why studies indicate children becoming much more excited giving things away in comparison to receiving1. Those that give of themselves freely will always be taken care of. There is an indescribable feeling of contentment that comes from helping others. Knowing that you willingly gave your time and effort to assist other people causes a fulfillment like no other. Besides, if you understand the dynamic of this reality than you should already know that by helping others you are simultaneously helping yourself. We urge you all to help one another, whether you feel they deserve it or not. We have all been in need and know what it feels like to not have anyone there to help. You can be the difference. Together, we can remind ourselves what true happiness really is.

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