Borderline Personality Disorder : Recovery Is Possible

by Richard

In the age of information overload, several sources of misinformation about mental health have all but circled the web, sparking heated debates and leveraging false pretenses. One conversation that surfaces most often in the mental health space is Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and its effects, symptoms, and recoveries. From escaping an abusive borderline to why borderline victims can’t find love, there are plenty of web searches and published articles that tell those with BPD that they aren’t lovable, they aren’t healthy, they aren’t capable of maintaining any meaningful connections.

Around 1.6 percent of adults are diagnosed with BPD and often develop the disorder as a coping mechanism after surviving abuse. While BPD is genetic, learned from trauma, or developed from environmental factors, scientists have ascertained that it can be treated with a combination of medication, therapy, and support.

Most people with BPD survive with a massively distorted self-image that can sometimes manifest as extremely low self-esteem but can also develop into a totally detached sense of self. They struggle to identify their own personality and adopt qualities of people they admire subconsciously which is typically never done intentionally but is instead found as a coping mechanism when the struggle to connect with themselves becomes prevalent. This can contribute to dramatic episodes of mood swings and social paranoia.

Although BPD can have a serious affect on one’s mental health and decision making skills, recovery is possible with several patients having great success in dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). DBT is a specific form of talk therapy that redirects a person’s thought process about themselves and their environment into more objective, honest, and logical thoughts.

It helps to remember that, even if you have BPD, you are not alone. Recovery looks different for everyone, but there are always options.

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