The 6 Best Treadmill Shoes For Flat Feet in 2021

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Flat feet seem to be a runner’s worst nightmare. They increase the amount of stress that travels up one’s legs while running. Due to this, flat feet making running more difficult. Fortunately, once can counter flat feet quite easily. We have a lot of information regarding flat feet now and we’re more than capable of remedying them. Today, we’re going to talk about the best treadmill shoes for flat feet in ​​2020. We’ll be taking a look at some superb shoes that provide flat footed people with the right kind of support. We’re also going to talk about how flat feet react to shock absorption and how can one minimize shock.

Let’s dive right into our reviews.

#1 Saucony Guide ISO 2

Saucony is a well-known name in the running shoe market because of their awesomely designed shoes. The company specifically designs shoes that are ultimately comfortable and are easy to walk in. It made a place on our list because of the sole-based stability that its cushioning system provides.

The shoe is a blessing for people with flat feet as their shoes are well-cushioned. It is made of synthetic, imported rubber. The sole is also rubber-made while the engineered mesh provides matchless support for walking, jogging or running.

People with flat feet have to face more stress on their feet but the medial support in this running shoe makes the transition quite effortless.


  • Has medial support for an easy and effortless transition
  • Made of synthetic rubber
  • Available in 11 different colors
  • ISOFIT dynamic engineered mesh for comfort and support
  • Cushioning system for increasing stability


  • Not long-lasting

These running shoes are equipped with Impact Guidance System, which makes them a perfect choice for people with flat shoes. This design helps improve the natural gait of such people by enhancing it towards a toe-off rather than a heel strike. The mesh upper is made of jacquard, allowing the feet to breathe when you are wearing the shoe for a long period of time.

SpevaFoam 45 material is used for making the show which provides long-lasting comfort and exceptional support to the wearer. On top of that, there is FlyteFoam Lyte Technology used in these shoes. Owing to this, the midsole is extremely light. Despite this, it provides excellent cushioning as it is filled with nanofibers.

The Propel Technology adds a bounce to your gait, making the shoes very suitable for running. The midsole has dual-density and is positioned such that it provides maximum stability and support to the wearer. Moreover, there are so many color options to choose from.


  • Is made of soft and comfortable material
  • Propel Technology adds a bounce to the gait
  • Impact Guidance System for making running easier for flat-footed individuals
  • Has a DuoMax Support System


  • Fit is not true to size
  • Cheaper material used for insole

When you are out on the track, you need all the support you can get from your shoes. These Mizuno shoes are made of imported textile and synthetic rubber. Providing you extra support is the rubber sole which lets you run, without feeling any pain in your feet.

The Mizuno Wave is a standard in the field of running shoes. It provides immense stability to your feet so that you can run, without toppling over or having any trouble in your gait. Along with giving you stability, the shoe also gives a perfect balance to your feet.

The mesh upper is made of breathable material so that your feet can breathe and bad odor does not accumulate in the shoe. There is a U4ic midsole which allows you to have a dynamic ride out on the field or on a track. Available in six tone-toned colors, these shoes are quite great for their price.


  • Upper mesh made of breathable material
  • The midsole provides comfort and stability
  • Is ideal for lessening the impact of running


  • Run small in size

These shoes are man-made and every stitch is of utmost quality and precision. The medium width makes this shoe a desirable option for people with flat or wider feet.

Moreover, the additional foot support ensures that people with flat feet have a supporting arch during running. The overall design of these shoes gives you a connected feel so that you remain comfortable and feel naturally connected to the run. There is no compromise on speed or support.

At the same time, the shoes also feel very lightweight and are flexible enough for coming to an abrupt stop or making any turns while running. Equipped with BioMoGo DNA midsole, the shoes have excellent cushioning that adapts to your gait or stride, giving you the freedom to feel a naturalness during your run. The Woven Air internal bootie ensures that your feet do not feel restrained at all.


  • Fit like socks
  • Overlays have no stitches for added structure
  • Add a natural feel to your run
  • Flexible for mid-run stops and turning
  • Lightweight on the feet
  • Arch for flat-footed individuals


  • Not many color options

ASICS always finds a way onto the list when best running shoes for flat feet are being discussed. Since the company uses organic nanofibers in their shoes, the overall midsole cushioning is quite enhanced. The High Abrasion rubber used by the company provides excellent durability.

What makes these shoes best for flat feet is the Impact Guidance System. Since flat feet are closer to the ground, they end up facing extreme impact and the IGS of these shoes reduces this impact. It enhances the natural gait of your feet while keeping the shoe’s structural integrity intact.

There are different color options, from the basic black to a funky red shoe with stars on it. Not only do the shoes look good but they also provide immense support whether you are running on the track or on a treadmill.


  • Has FlyteFoam Lyte technology
  • Has a lightweight midsole
  • The midsole is made with organic nanofibers
  • AHAR outsole is durable


  • Not enough cushioning for heavier runners

By now, you would have understood how expert ASICS is at making running shoes. Their shoes are trusted by many customers in the world, due to the remarkable fit, design and comfort. The GT-2000 shoes are available in 12 different colors and are man-made, with precise attention given to every stitch.

The eyelets on these shoes are placed independently. As a result of that, the upper shoe comfort is significantly enhanced so you get a customized fit. Furthermore, the Heel Clutching System provides support to your heel. This is ideal for people with flat feet whole often feel the intense impact on their feet.

The shoes also come with a removable sockliner that keeps the feet dry while runner and prevents bacterial growth. Even though the comfort and stability provided by these shoes are hard to match, they are not very long-lasting.


  • Removable sockliner for a cool and healthy environment
  • Breathable mesh material increases comfort
  • Heel-clutching technology for added support
  • Eyelets placed discretely to create a customized fitting


  • Tear apart too quickly
  • Are not made with high-quality materials

Buyer’s Guide

The human body is a precisely built machine. When we run, we engage our entire lower torso. Starting from our feet and all the way up to our hips. Running is a superb exercise that really helps keep you in shape. It is the ideal exercise since it is so straight forwards. Our legs are designed to make running on two limbs as efficient as possible. Normally, our feet have high arches. These arches play a role in weight distribution and impact absorption. Some people tend to have lower than normal arches. People with lower arches are said to be flat footed.

Flat footedness can be caused because of two major reasons. The first being muscle weakness; some people tend to have weaker foot muscles that sag. This results in their arch “lowering”. The other reason is having a genetically flat arch. The latter is harder to deal with since the bones in your foot aren’t developed into a proper arch.

Regardless of what kind of flat footed you are, you should know that there are ways of dealing with being flat footed. You just need to make sure that you compensate for your foot’s lacking shock absorption.

Reducing Impact

Running is a high impact exercise; every time your foot hits the ground, energy rebounds back into your body. This energy travels into your body in the form of vibrations. These vibrations get absorbed by your joints. A flat footed person has to deal with a greater amount of vibrations. This means that the harmful effects of this impact (joint pains and muscle soreness) are more intense for flat footed people.

Now, a flat footed person can deal with this problem by reducing impact. This can be done by running on a treadmill rather than on normal ground. Treadmills are designed to minimize impact. Second, a flat footed person can invest in a pair of shoes that are made for flat feet. Shoes like these are designed to provide arch support and compensate for the low angle of your arches. These shoes are a great investment since they allow you to run like a normal person. A pair of flat footed shoes can be used for running on treadmills and for normal running as well. Pairing these shoes with a treadmill can provide you with a very effective way to deal with high impact.

Now, there are a lot of flat footed shoes in the market. But the problem with these shoes is that they don’t provide a cookie cutter solution. There are numerous factors that determine how much impact one has to endure because of having flat feet. We all have different body weights, different walking styles, and our arches have varying heights. Basically, there are loads of variances that you need to keep in mind.

Fortunately, there are a handful of factors that you can keep in mind. These factors will help you identify well-made flat feet shoes.

What to Look For

An ideal flat footed shoe will keep you comfortable and help reduce impact. Now, there’s a lot of debate about what makes a flat footed shoe “good”. But what we can be certain of is that they type of shoe you need depends on what kind of flat feet you have.

If your arches are lowered because of muscle weakness then you should go for a shoe that provides arch support. Shoes with extra arch support help provide your muscles with support until they become stronger. Meanwhile, arch support also keeps you safe from extra impact.

If your foot is flat because of genetic reasons, then arch support is a bad idea. A shoe with extra arch support will end up pushing against your bone. This in turn will increase the amount of stress on your feet, making things worse. People with genetically flat feet should go for shoes that have spacious uppers and wider bases. They can also look for shoes that have thicker outer soles for better shock absorption.

It is important to keep in mind that the height of your arches is one aspect that effects your running. There are loads of other aspects that should be kept in mind as well. This means that having a flat foot doesn’t necessarily mean that running is going to be hard for you. Also, you can always invest in a treadmill to deal with your problem. Treadmills can help your further reduce impact while you run. This allows you to focus on running and getting fitter, without having to worry about your flat feet and their repercussions.


Having flat feet can make running more challenging. Flat feet are bad at shock absorption and make running uncomfortable. This holds back flat footed people from running to stay fit. Fortunately, having flat feet doesn’t equal to the end of the world. You can invest in a pair of decent flat footed shoes. These shoes are designed to provide your feet with proper support. They compensate for your lower arches and significantly reduce the amount of impact that running has. Dealing with flat feet is simple; you just need to focus on impact reduction. Once you manage to do that, you shouldn’t have any problem at all.

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