The 7 Best Treadmill For Tall Runners in ​2020

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Exercise machines need to fit your body as perfectly as possible in order to work properly. Your body proportions play a major role in determining how what kind of results will an exercise machine have for you. This holds true for treadmills as well. Depending on your height and build, a treadmill’s quality of workout will vary. This is why it’s important to pick exercise machines that suit your body type. Today, we’re going to talk about the best treadmill for tall runners in ​​2020. Let’s start off by taking a look at some great treadmills that we’ve selected. After that we’ll also go through a brief yet informative buyer’s guide.

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The Pro 2000 has a commercial grade running bed that is powered by a 3.25 CHP motor. The motor is designed for commercial use and is extremely heavy duty. It can produce a max speed of 12 MPH and effortlessly support your weight even in a 15% incline. The machine’s running bed has an automated incline and decline as well. It can decline by -3% and help you work on muscles that are usually not used. Its running bed has an advanced cushioning system as well.

The console features a large 8” display that lets you keep track of your progress. Along with this, the console has a cooling fan and built-in speakers as well. The machine’s built-in EKG heart rate scanner has wireless chest straps to take more accurate readings. Its mechanical parts are designed to minimize wear and tear on the machine’s belt. This greatly increases its lifespan.


  • Its commercial grade motor produces constant 3.25 HP. The motor is powerful and silent.
  • The running bed can be inclined and declined at the press of a button.
  • The machine has a superb shock absorption system.
  • It has a max weight capacity of 350 Lbs.
  • The console is loaded with features and makes interacting with the machine a piece of cake.
  • It is durable and designed with heavy duty use kept in mind.
  • You get a decent warranty with this machine.


  • The machine’s iFit program needs to be bought separately.
  • The built-in speakers are of average quality.

Contenders For The Best Treadmill For Tall Runners in ​​2020

This machine features power and reliability in a portable form factor. Its spacious running bed is powered by a 3.25 HP motor that makes it great for running. The running bed features 15 different levels of incline as well. This machine is ideal for people looking for something to run on. and when you don’t need it, you can fold its running bed out of the way. Once folded, you can move the machine out of the way quite easily.

The machine’s console is simple and easy to use. You can select over 21 different programs. Each program is designed with different training goals kept in mind. The machine also features Bluetooth connectivity.


  • The machine has a wide 20” x 60” running bed.
  • The powerful 3.25 HP motor is great for fast paced running exercises.
  • Its incline feature lets you choose from 15 different levels of incline.
  • The console features Bluetooth connectivity and 21 different workout programs.
  • The frame and motor have a lifetime warranty. And its mechanical parts have a 5-year warranty.


  • The heart rate monitor in this machine isn’t accurate.
  • The machine tends to run into technical issues every now and then.

The Schwinn 870 looks sleek and works great. It has a 3 CHP motor that provides the machine with more than enough energy to keep you moving. You can enjoy working out at speeds of up to 12 MPH. you also get the option to incline the running bed by 15% in order to make things more challenging. The machine can take up to 300 Lbs. of weight without breaking a sweat.

Its console has a backlit LCD display, a USB charging port, and speakers as well. The LCD can display around 13 different details regarding your workout. Also, the running bed can be folded out of the way.


  • It has a reliable motor and a max weight capacity of 300 Lbs.
  • The machine has automated incline control.
  • It comes with roller wheels that make moving the machine around easier.
  • You can set 4 different user profiles for this machine.


  • The machine does not have the best build quality. The console can become damaged if your sweat falls on it.
  • The electricals of this machine aren’t reliable.

This treadmill has an extra-large running bed measuring 22” x 62”. This makes it great for people with long strides. The running bed has a great shock absorption system as well. you can look forward to long running sessions on this machine without worrying about your joints. The machine is powered by a 4 HP heavy duty motor. The motor can effortlessly keep up with even the heaviest runners. The running bed can be inclined up to 15%, making your workouts more intense.

The machine has a great console that tries to balance functionality and simplicity. It features plenty of useful controls along with a few extra features as well. you get a cooling fan and built-in speakers as well.


  • The machine’s running bed is extra-large.
  • It has a powerful motor that makes the machine suitable for heavy and fast runners.
  • The incline controls in this treadmill are automated.
  • The machine features an orthopedic belt that helps mitigate shock.
  • The console is easy to use and lets you choose from a number of pre-programmed courses.
  • The machine offers a 10-year warranty on its parts.


  • The machine does not have any cool-down training programs in it.
  • The emergency stop button on the machine is badly placed. You can hit it by accident.

This treadmill features a long running bed that is powered by a capable, 3 CPH motor. The machine’s motor is capable of producing speeds of up to 12 MPH. and it does so without producing too much noise. The running bed has an automatic 12% incline as well. A powerful motor and an automated incline make this machine great for intense running sessions.

The console features a large 7” touchscreen LCD. You can interact with the machine very easily. The console even has a cooling fan to help you stay cool while you’re running.


  • The machine has a spacious 20” x 60” running bed.
  • Its powerful motor can produce consistent speeds over a long period of time.
  • The machine features a 12% automated incline as well.
  • A large touchscreen makes interacting with the machine easy.
  • When you don’t need it, you can lift the machine’s running bed and fold it in to save space.
  • The machine comes with a 3-year warranty on its parts and a lifetime warranty on its frame and motor.


  • You need to get a paid membership in order to enjoy the workout programs this machine offers.
  • The built-in fan’s airflow direction cannot be adjusted.

This treadmill has a shock absorbing running bed that can reduce impact on your joints up to 40%. This makes the machine great for long duration workout sessions. It is powered by a reliable 3.5 CHP motor that gives the machine a great deal of power.  The running bed can be inclined by 15% to make workouts more challenging. The running deck itself is 22” x 60” in size.

The console features a hear rate monitor with pulse grips and an option for using chest straps. A built-in LCD display keeps you posted on your workout progress all the time. The machine has 6 standard programs, 2 custom program options, and 2 heart programs as well. a cooling fan and an MP3 sound system are included in the console as well.


  • The machine has great shock absorption capabilities.
  • Its CHP motor is powerful and reliable. The machine can keep up with you even in incline mode.
  • It is incredibly well built.
  • The console is feature rich and offers a variety of programs to choose from.


  • The machine’s rollers wear down quickly.
  • Its Bluetooth connectivity isn’t great.

This unique looking treadmill runs without any electricity. It is designed to be powered by the runner’s own energy. The machine can carry up to 350 Lbs. in weight. The machine itself is quite lightweight and even has wheels for portability. You can set it up wherever you want since it doesn’t need to be connected to a power outlet. The machine features an LCD console that displays relevant information. You also get Bluetooth connectivity.


  • This machine is built with high intensity training kept in mind. It let’s you push your body to its limits.
  • The manual running bed makes it easier for runners to adjust their stride while running.
  • The treadmill has very durable construction.


  • This treadmill has a ridiculously huge price tag.

Buyer’s Guide

Treadmill shopping differs slightly for everyone. This is because everyone has unique needs and different expectations from a treadmill. Now, if you are a taller than average person, there are a number of things that you are going to want to consider. You’d be surprised by just how much of a difference your body proportions can make. The ideal treadmill should fit you like a glove. It should provide you with a comfortable exercising area.

Before we get into these features, let’s talk about why one should invest in a treadmill.

Why Buy a Treadmill?

Treadmills have been around for some time now. And these machines have perfected the art of running. They provide users with a highly efficient and practical approach to staying fit through running. Treadmills do this by enhancing all the good things about running and mitigating the bad ones. You can expect to work up a proper sweat on a treadmill and really push your body to its limits. However, you won’t have to worry about things such as running space or excessive impact on the body.

A treadmill can also help you include more exercise into your routine without having to spare too much time. These are some of the biggest attractions that a treadmill has to offer. You can work out without worrying about time, or your safety. All of this lets you focus on the exercising part of your exercise more.

Overall, treadmills are superb exercise machines. They take one of the most natural forms of exercising (running) and make it even more efficient

What to Look For

As a tall runner, you’re going to have to look for a treadmill that can accommodate your long legs. Taller people tend to have larger strides and a larger body mass than other people. Your height might not be an issue when you’re running outdoors. However, when you’re on a treadmill, things will be different. A taller person needs more space to move their legs. They also have a larger body mass. A treadmill must be able to take these factors into account. Otherwise, it won’t be able to provide you with an effective workout.

When buying a treadmill for yourself, you should keep an eye out for its components. A treadmill has a number of different components. Picking a machine with the right kind of components will make all the difference.

The very first component that you should think about is the motor. The power of a treadmill’s motor is measured in horsepower (HP). A treadmill motor needs to be powerful enough to support a runner’s weight without being overstressed. For taller runners, a motor should have at least 3HP of power. This ensures that the motor will be safe from becoming overstressed. If you plan on using a treadmill for sprinting, then you’ll need a more powerful motor. For larger motors, it is recommended that you go for a motor with a consistent horsepower feature.

After the motor, comes the weight capacity of a treadmill. This factor is tied with the motor’s power. Every treadmill has a max weight capacity. This value tells you how much weight can a treadmill bear without being overworked. Exceeding this weight limit results in a treadmill becoming inefficient and even susceptible to damage. Make sure to go for a treadmill with an appropriate weight limit.

The belt size is an especially important factor for taller runners. Tall runners have larger strides and hence, their legs need more space to move about. For a tall runner, a belt length of 60 inches is recommended. This ensures that as they run, they don’t accidentally misplace their foot. The con of a longer belt is that a treadmill takes up more space. If you’re limited on space then you can consider buying a treadmill with a collapsible frame. These treadmills can be folded up to save space.

Another thing to keep in mind is the console height. Any respectable treadmill comes with a console. This houses its various controls and maybe even a LCD display is the treadmill has one. The console should be at a comfortable height. You shouldn’t have to ben down to interact with it. Find a treadmill that has lets you adjust the height of its console.

These are all the major factors that you should keep in mind. Being familiar with these things will help you pick a better treadmill for yourself. Remember that there are a lot of different treadmills in the market. Going into this market unprepared can make things pretty confusing for you. Whenever you’re about to buy something expensive, always do your homework.


Tall runners have wider strides and a larger body mass. When buying a treadmill for a taller person, there are a number of actors that need to be considered. Being familiar with these factors will help you pick a superb treadmill. One that suits your body and provides you with a quality workout.

Treadmills are rather tricky to buy. However, as long as you know what to look for, you shouldn’t have a hard time making a proper purchase. Once you manage to buy a quality treadmill, it will continue to provide you with great exercise sessions for many years to come.

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