The 7 Best Stationary Bike With Video Screen in ​2020

by Richard
best stationary bike with video screen

We all get to hear how bicycling can be such a great hobby. You get to roam around in the open and train your body. Riding a bicycle can be a full on cardio session for the body. One that stimulates your blood flow. Unfortunately, not everyone has the space or time needed to start cycling. This is where stationary bikes come in. These are exercise machines designed to provide you with all the benefits of bicycling. Today, we’re going to talk about the best stationary bike with video screen in ​​2020. Let’s take a look at some prime stationary ​exercise bike choices. After this, we’ll take an in-depth look at these exercise machines.

#1 Diamondback Fitness 910SR

Diamondback Fitness 910SR

This recumbent ​bike is incredibly comfortable to use thanks to all the adjustability that it offers. You can make fine adjustments to the seat's height and position. The well populated console has an adjustable angle as well. Its console comes with a built-in LCD screen that makes interacting with the machine easier. You can view a variety of data as you go about your workout. The machine's magnetic Flywheel ensures that it works smoothly and quietly. This ​exercise bike comes with 32 different workout programs and 32 resistance levels to choose from. This, combined with its generous adjustability, makes this ​exercise bike suitable for a wide range of people.


  • The bike features ample amounts of adjustability. This makes it suitable for tall and short people. 
  • The bike has an intuitive console with a bright LCD display. The console's angle can be adjusted as well. 
  • You get 32 different workout programs to choose from. Also, the machine has 32 different resistance levels. 
  • It has a flywheel design with a magnetic brake system. This ensures that the machine functions as quietly as possible.


  • The bike's seat isn't well cushioned, making it uncomfortable. 
  • The machine's moving parts are prone to wearing out quickly.
Sole R92

This bike has a frame made from steel tubing and aluminium. It is incredibly robust and comes with a large LCD screen as well. Its console features a 9-inch backlit display. The heavy duty build of this machine makes it suitable for obese people as well. It has an adjustable, well-built seat with 12 different positions to choose from. 

The machine comes with 10 different workout programs as well. A great thing about this ​exercise bike is that it pays extra attention to impact minimization. Its pedalling system ensures that the user's joints don't have to deal with jolts or excessive vibration.


  • The bike has a max weight capacity of 300 lbs. 
  • Its wide LCD makes interacting with the machine incredibly easy. 
  • The bike's movement is very quiet. Even under extreme pressure, the bike functions without a sound. 
  • An ideal bike for overweight people looking to burn fat.
  • ​Comes with transport wheels as well. 


  • The bike's assembly is difficult. 
  • This bike is quite expensive.
Sole LCB Bike

This upright bike is designed with commercial use kept in mind. However, it can be suitable for use at home as well. It has a heavy flywheel that offers a smooth and responsive pedalling experience. The bike's seat has a gel filling that makes it a lot more forgiving in longer sessions. The bike has a display screen that shows real-time data as you workout. You can transfer this data to and from your smart device through Bluetooth connection.


  • The bike is very well-built. You can push it to its limits without having to worry. 
  • The heavy flywheel gives an authentic cycling feeling and keeps the bike very quiet. 
  • Its gel seat maximizes the user's comfort. You can spend long periods of time without feeling uncomfortable. 
  • The bike's LCD screen is easy to view and makes interacting with the machine easier. 
  • You can transfer data to and from the bike with a Bluetooth connection.


  • The bike's assembly can be tricky.
ProForm Le Tour De France

This upright bike from ProForm is designed with pro cyclists kept in mind. It aims to offer a simulation like cycling experience. This unique upright ​exercise bike can be fed cycling routes and it will then mimic the whole cycling experience. It has a motorized incline/decline system and gear shifters as well. This next gen upright ​exercise bike is ideal for enthusiasts and professionals. It lets you experience real cycling without having to leave your home. The bike's pedalling system is designed to create a very realistic road feel. 

This "smart bike" comes with an LCD screen as well. Overall, it's a unique exercise bike that will appeal to anyone who is into professional cycling. 


  • The bike makes use of a variety of technologies to recreate an authentic road cycling experience. 
  • It's pedalling system is smooth, quiet, and gives an authentic road feel.
  • You can select between various cycling routes. The bike will mimic every aspect of cycling on that road. Even something as specific as wind resistance. 
  • An ideal exercise bike for pro cyclists and enthusiasts.


  • This bike is incredibly expensive. It's designed with a niche customer group kept in mind.
Sole Fitness B94 Upright Bike

An upright bike with ease of use kept in mind. This exercise bike has a lightweight design without compromising on durability. It's a great bike for use at home. It comes with a heavy flywheel that makes pedalling feel smooth. The bike's upright seat has gel cushioning and can be adjusted. You can set the seat's height and also its angle. The bike is designed to provide a challenging workout without compromising one's comfort. Its pedals have a slight inward angle that helps reduce pressure on your knees and ankles.

The bike comes with a large, 9-inch LCD screen and a console that is intuitive to use. You get a variety of programs to choose from as well. The handlebars are adjustable as well and have pulse monitors built into them. 


  • A sturdy upright bike that can hold up to 300 lbs easily. 
  • The bike offers adjustable seating and handlebars. 
  • Its pedalling system uses a heavy flywheel. 
  • The built-in LCD screen has great visibility. 
  • The bike has a transport handle attached to it. You can use it to drag the bike around quiet easily.


  • The bike's base isn't wide enough. It can become unstable during intense sessions. 
  • Despite having 20 resistance settings, the bike doesn't offer an extreme challenge.
Diamondback Fitness 510Ic

A sleek looking upright exercise bike designed to provide a superb cycling experience. This bike has the form factor of a road bike. This makes it ideal for focusing on intensive lower body workouts. The handlebars and the seat can be adjusted according to the user's needs.  This bike has a high contrast LCD panel that provides you with plenty of useful data about your workout. The bike has a computerized resistance system as well. This system makes picking through 16 different resistance levels a lot easier. You can focus on your workout and let the bike set the right resistance itself.


  • The bike has a computerized resistance setting system. It makes selecting different resistance settings really easy. 
  • The bike's pedalling system has a 32 lb flywheel.
  • It's wide base and road cycle design makes it ideal for intense workouts.


  • The handlebar assembly is difficult. Their poor design makes them difficult to adjust as well. 
  • The heart rate monitor isn't as accurate.

This recumbent bike is made with ergonomics kept in mind. The bike has a step through design that makes getting on and off easy. It has a cushioned seat with ventilated back support. The seat is designed to keep you comfortable enough to allow for long workout sessions. The bike's console has a built-in speaker and an LCD display as well. 

The bike's pedalling system has a 20 lb flywheel that offers a very smooth pedalling experience.

The bike even comes with a built-in fan to keep you cool. 


  • A stable and ergonomic recumbent bike that is ideal for people recovering from injuries.
  • The bike has a 5-inch LCD display and speakers as well. 
  • It offers over 32 different workout programs.


  • Its build quality isn't the best.

Buyer’s Guide

A stationary bike provides you with a convenient solution to staying fit. These machines replicate all the positive effects of riding a proper bike. Such as engaging your leg muscles in order to burn fat. It can also be great for your heart since cycling is quite cardio intensive. A stationary bike can provide you with a few additional features as well. Such as a video screen and instruments to monitor your workout. Not to forget the fact that you can cycle without having to move around. You don’t have to worry about the weather or road safety. You can simply hop on this bike and enjoy a cycling session whenever you want to.

Why Would You Want a Video Screen on Your Bike?

A video screen is a major hazard on a moving bike. However, if a bike isn’t designed to move around then a videos screen can come in really handy. In fact, video screens are becoming incredibly popular on these ​exercise bikes. You can find ​exercise bikes with simple screens that show various numbers. You can also find proper LED screens that let you do a lot more than monitor the details of your workout. More advanced ​exercise bikes come with the option to enjoy a movie or a show while you’re cycling.

A video screen on a bike sounds like a secondary feature at first. However, when you think about it, it can be really useful. First of all, it allows you to view various aspects of your progress. For instance, almost every bike comes fitted with odometers now. These allow them to show the “distance” that you’ve cycled in a session. Information like this can come in handy for when you want to quantify your fitness goals. A video screen can also make your cycling sessions less monotonous. If you find constantly pedaling in one place boring, you can go for a bike with a bigger screen. An LCD display along with a headphone jack can keep you entertained throughout even the most grueling workout sessions. Having something to distract you while you workout can increase your performance as well.

Bike video screens add more value to a stationary cycle. They help transform a simple exercise machine into a workout hub for you.

Now, there’s a lot more that you need to look for in a bike than a video screen. Even the best video screen fitted on a crappy bike won’t count for much. After all, a stationary bike’s primary purpose is to help you get fit. If it can’t do that then it isn’t worth buying.

Things to Look For

Stationary bikes are designed to prioritize performance over comfort. They won’t give you the softest seat to sit on. Using them for extended periods of time can also strain your back and shoulders. But they really let you engage your entire lower torso when working out. You can train your thighs, glutes, and your calves as well. Certain models are made to prioritize comfort over performance. What type of design you pick depends on your requirements.

The design that you pick will also have an impact on your cycling experience. People who suffer from chronic pains or don’t want an uncomfortable biking experience can go for recumbent bikes. Recumbent bikes focus more on comfort. They’re designed to provide a low-impact workout. If you’re able bodied then you can simply go for an upright bike. These ​exercise bikes prioritize performance over everything else.

The type of display is important as well. You can find a variety of screen types out there. Some are basic screens that only display numbers. Some are advanced touch screens that let you do way more while you ride your bike. The type of display that will suit you depends on a couple of things. Your primary usage of the screen and your budget. Some people only want screens to monitor their workouts. Others want them in order to keep themselves occupied while they cycle. Your budget will matter as well. It goes without saying that a fancier screen will cost you more.

The flywheel weight plays a major role in determining the performance of a stationary bike. Usually, a heavier weight is better. However, ​exercise bikes with heavier weights cost more as well. The flywheel weight determines the overall fluidity of a bike’s pedaling. A smoother pedaling action makes a bike more enjoyable to use. It also makes your workout more efficient as you can focus less of your energy on building momentum and more on maintaining that momentum.


Stationary bikes are superb devices. They are designed to replicate all the benefits of traditional ​exercise bikes indoors. A stationary bike lets you train your lower torso and perform cardio from the comfort of your home. These ​exercise bikes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also have extra features to offer that make working out on them more enjoyable.

When buying a stationary bike, you need to take a number of factors into consideration. All of these factors play a major role in shaping your overall biking experience. Being familiar with these features makes the buying process much simpler for you. This ensures that you’re able to buy a quality stationary bike.

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