The 5 Best Recumbent Bike For Tall Person in ​2020

by Richard
best recumbent bike for tall person

Regular exercise is really important for the body. It helps keeps us in good shape and promotes our overall health. Exercising has become really easy nowadays thanks to a large variety of tools that we have at our disposal. The latest exercise equipment is designed to maximize the efficiency of our workouts and make them as comfortable as possible. Today, we’re going to review the best recumbent bike for tall person in ​​2020. Recumbent bikes are a prime example of modern exercise equipment that make working out as efficient as possible. Let’s quickly go through some superb recumbent bikes for tall people. After our reviews, we will bet talking about recumbent bikes in more detail.

​However, before you even think about purchasing ​a ​​recumbent bike, you should first make sure that you are following a healthy diet routine and ​using a supplement like â€‹Resurge which will help you lose weight quickly and efficiently.

The Schwinn 270 is a great recumbent bike for people who are in search of a mid-tier bike. This bike features a sturdy frame, multiple handholds and a very stable base. A really nice thing about this bike is its flywheel design. The high inertia flywheel installed in this bike gives a very realistic cycling feel. This makes every workout on the bike feel smooth and consistent.

Apart from having a flywheel, this bike also comes with a built-in LCD display. The LCD display makes your workouts feel more interactive as you can see various information in real-time. When paired with the Schwinn Trainer app, the LCD display becomes even more versatile. You can track your stats, share them with friends and, overall, get a lot more out of every workout.


  • Flywheel design with a high inertia drive system.
  • Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in LCD display.
  • 29 programs come pre-installed in the bike.
  • Comes with a mobile app.


  • The bike’s seat is uncomfortable.
  • The provided app is not intuitive.
  • The front handlebars are difficult to reach.

​Contenders For The ​Best ​Recumbent Bike For Tall Person in ​​2020

  1. Schwinn 270
  2. Schwinn A20
  3. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4708
  4. Exerpeutic GOLD 975XBT
  5. Diamondback 510SR

A compact recumbent bike that will not take up excess space when you aren’t using it. It has a collapsible frame and wheels attached to its bottom. This makes the bike incredibly easy to stow away. The bike’s console features a large LCD display that displays a variety of data. You can check your heart rate, calories burnt, distance covered, and more.

The bike has 8 levels of resistance that you can choose from. The seat comes with extra padding in order to maximize comfort.


  • Great for people who have limited space. The bike can be taken on the road as well since it is very lightweight.
  • The bike offers great quality for its price.
  • The seat has extra padding.


  • The bike comes with a very short power cord.
  • The on-board speakers are of very low quality.

Another recumbent bike with a full-sized seat. What makes this bike interesting is the fact that it comes with movable handlebars. These movable handlebars make the bike more versatile. You can workout your arms and legs at the same time. You can also focus solely on your arms. Along with letting your workout your arms, this bike features a large seat. The large seat, coupled with its 350 Lbs. capacity makes it ideal for obese people.

You can choose between 8 different resistance settings with this bike. There are also built-in pulse sensors that collect data about your heart rate.


  • Ideal for heavy people looking to lose weight fast. The bike has a sturdy frame and a high weight capacity.
  • You can perform a full body workout while using this bike.
  • The bike offers a smooth pedaling motion.


  • The moveable handlebars do not have adjustable height. Not ideal for tall people.
  • The bike’s assembly is difficult.

This recumbent bike’s most outstanding feature is its well-lit LCD display. It is designed to be easy to read during workouts. Apart from having a big display screen, this bike is great to ride on as well. It has a smooth torque cranking system that ensures a consistent and smooth pedaling action throughout your workout. The bike’s tension system uses magnets. This makes switching between different intensities quick and easy.

The machine’s handlebars have built-in heart rate sensors that gather real-time data as you workout. The seat adjustments are incredibly easy to make on this bike. You can make the adjustments with a single hand.


  • A great bike for its value. Its offers decent quality and a smooth exercising experience.
  • Comes with 21 exercise programs that you can work with.
  • The bike has an extended weight ​capacity of 310 Lbs.


  • The bike’s seat is uncomfortable.
  • The peddles feel jerky on the first push.

This recumbent bike comes with a seat that offers full back support. The bike has a well-built frame with a wide base. You get handholds right next to the seat and also near the console. This makes the bike more versatile. The console features an LCD display that gives your real time feedback about your workout. The console also features built-in speakers and a MP3 system as well. You also get a cooling fan that is built into the bike.

The bike’s drive system comes with a frictionless braking system. This greatly decreases the amount of noise and vibration your bike produces when you brake.


  • The bike comes with warranties for its frame, breaks, electronics, and wearable parts.
  • It offers full back support with a molded seat design.
  • The bike’s adjustability makes it suitable for larger people as well.


  • The bike has no off switch. You have to unplug it every time when you are not using it.
  • The bike tends to produce noise during pedaling.

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Buyer’s Guide

A recumbent bike can be a superb addition to anyone’s home. This exercise equipment can make working on your legs, glutes, and your lower back really easy. You shouldn’t forget the fact that a major selling point of a recumbent bike is comfort. This is why you need to make sure that the bike that you get really is comfortable for you. When buying a recumbent bike, one needs to keep a handful of things in mind. We will talk about a few key factors further down below. Before that, let’s figure out what exactly makes recumbent bikes so special.

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What Makes Recumbent Bikes Special?

The recumbent bike is a modified version of the upright bike exercise machine. Both machines serve the same purpose; they help you tone your leg muscles. Riding a bicycle is a great workout. It’s a superb form of cardio that helps you burn fat and train your entire leg muscles. A bike exercise machine allows you to work your legs in the same way, without actually having to go out and ride a bike. These machines really come in handy in places where there isn’t enough space to ride a bike or the weather won’t allow it.

The problem with upright bike machines is that they are uncomfortable. You cannot spend more than 15 minutes on them. While using these machines, your back remains at an awkward angle and you’re seated on a very uncomfortable seat.

Recumbent bike machines are designed to solve this problem. What these bikes do is that they allow their users to recline as they use them. In a reclined state, the user’s back gets better support and their overall weight distributes more evenly. This way, users can focus all of their energy on their legs without have to worry about their backs. As a result, an exercise session on this machine becomes far more efficient. Another advantage of recumbent bikes is that they make your workout more effective. In a reclined position, you can work out your leg muscles better. You also use your glutes when you move your legs in a reclined position. This allows a recumbent bike to work on your entire lower torso.

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Why Would You Want a Recumbent Bike?

You might be thinking that trying to make working out easier for you is counterproductive. A recumbent bike isn’t designed to make your workout easier, it only makes it more efficient. Recumbent bikes are great for people who rely on similar exercise equipment to tone their legs. The comfort and efficiency factor of a recumbent bike allows one to use it for longer periods of time. This exercise machine is also recommended for people who have back problems. A recumbent bike can allow you to work on your legs without placing stress on your back.

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Things to Look For

There are a handful of features that you should keep your eyes peeled. These features can make or break your recumbent bike experience.

Stability is incredibly important in a recumbent bike. Reclining on this machine means that your body weight gets distributed over a longer area. The bike needs to be designed to support this weight for long periods of time. The last thing you want is for your bike to start wobbling during your work out. Ideally, a recumbent bike’s center of mass should be as low as possible. This maximizes its stability.

Adjustability is a really important factor for people who are tall. A recumbent bike has a number of points that can be adjusted. These include:

  • The height of its seat
  • The angle of the seat’s back
  • The seat’s arm rests
  • The distance of the seat from the pedals

A recumbent bike won’t feel fulfilling at all if its dimensions don’t suit your body proportions. If you’re taller than average then you would want a bike that gives you plenty of options when it comes to making adjustments.

The comfort level a bike has to offer is worth considering as well. The comfort of a recumbent bike is determined by a number of things. The amount of cushioning on the seat, the type of materials used for making the seat, and more. Ideally, you want a bike that has a well-cushioned, ventilated seat. Pedals that enhance your foot’s grip are an added plus.

Last but not the least, comes safety. A recumbent bike shouldn’t put its user at risk. It should be equipped with brakes in order to bring its motion to a stop once you’ve used the bike. The bike should also have a heavy base so that it doesn’t topple over during a workout. The internal belt of a bike should be quite durable. It should be able to withstand varying degrees of pressure.

After having gone through this guide, you should now have a very good idea about recumbent bikes. We have talked about their benefits and their usage. We have also gone through several key features that you should look for in a bike. With all of this kept in mind, you can confidently head into the market and start shopping for a recumbent bike. A well-made bike will provide you with years of comfortable and effective exercise.

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