The 7 Best Massage Chair Under $2000 in ​2020

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You shouldn’t feel bad about sitting down and taking a breather. Being productive and getting things done is important, but so is taking care of your body. Resting allows one to ease their mind and body. It’s a great way to de-stress yourself. De-stressing has become incredibly important in today’s day and age. This is due to the fact that our lives have become really hectic. And what better way is there to de-stress than melting into a massage chair? Today, we’ll be talking about the best massage chair under 2000 in ​​2020. Massage chairs are great for a number of reasons. They have also become a lot more affordable now.

Let’s begin going through some great picks.

#1 Kahuna LM6800

This full body massage chair is capable of providing you with a zero-gravity massage experience. The chair makes use of a variety of airbags and rollers to target all areas of your body. A really cool thing about this chair is that it has a body scan feature as well. This allows the chair to provide every person with a personalized massage. The chair comes with a variety of massage programs as well, including a special yoga stretching program.

This full body massage chair is built with space saving kept in mind. It only requires 3 inches of clear space behind it. The whole chair comes under warranty as well, its parts and structure are guaranteed to perform well.


  • Uses a combination of rollers and air bags to target entire body.
  • Features 3 stage zero-gravity without taking too much space. The chair can be operated with only 3 inches of empty space behind it.
  • Has an onboard computer that scans the user’s body.
  • The machine comes with preprogrammed massage programs.
  • You get extra foot padding with the machine.


  • The foot rollers aren’t accurate.
  • You cannot adjust the width of the back rollers.
  • The machine does not let you save any customized settings.

A comfortable full-body massage chair that features zero gravity relaxation. You get 3 different levels of zero gravity that are great for reliving pressure from your heart. A really cool thing about the chair’s design is that it can recline itself with as little as 2 inches of free space behind it. The chair is equipped with rollers and airbags all over. Its placement allows for targeting of acupoints of the body.

The machine has an SL track in it and it offers 6 auto modes. The leg rest can be extended and the shoulder width can be adjusted as well. overall, this machine offers great massage capability and features a decent amount of adjustability as well.


  • 3 level zero gravity with a great space saving design.
  • 6 auto modes and 3 levels of massage intensity. The machine has a yoga stretching system as well.
  • The machine’s SL track system coupled with its airbags and rollers provide a hand massage like experience.
  • The chair has smart body scan technology. It adjusts its massage points according to the occupant.
  • You also get lower back heating.


  • The machine’s remote has a complicated button setup.
  • The machine makes a loud beep every time you make a selection.

This massage chair is designed to accommodate people as heavy as 300 Lbs. It is made with durable materials and also packs plenty of useful features. The chair has an L-track system that effectively reaches your lower skull and all the way to your buttocks. The chair has 42 airbags in it as well, this allows the machine to give a very thorough and effective air massage experience. The massage chair features a 3 stage zero gravity mode as well.

You get 7 auto programs and an option for complete manual control of the machine’s massage systems. The shoulder air bags can be adjusted for a more personalized massage experience. The entire chair can be controlled with a small remote controller.


  • This machine has the longest L-track currently available in the market.
  • It can manage occupants who weigh as much as 300 Lbs.
  • The machine offers a full manual massage control mode.
  • The machine is made with exceptionally durable components.
  • It has an air massage system that consists of 42 airbags and also has heating pads.
  • The remote control for this device is backlit.


  • The machine can get noisy while working.
  • The manual massage mode is a little hard to figure out.

A space saving full body massage chair that promises one of the most luxurious massage experiences out there. The chair needs to be only 1cm away from the wall in order to go into a zero gravity recline. The machine has a capable L-track system with quad rollers. It can easily knead your neck, shoulders, back, and your buttocks. There’s also an option for heating your lower back for further muscle relaxation and tissue recovery.

You get 3 different width positions; this greatly increases the machine’s ability to deliver personalized massages. Even the foot massaging on this machine does not hold back. It has 3-foot rollers instead of 1. This allows the machine to effectively target your feet and calves.


  • The chair provides a smooth and relaxing massage experience.
  • It can accommodate people as tall as 6 feet without any trouble.
  • The chair has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that can be used to play relaxing music.
  • The chair manages to offer a premium massage experience at a reasonable price point.
  • The L-track reaches your buttocks and massages them really effectively.


  • The neck and shoulder massagers aren’t capable of providing a deep enough massage.
  • The chair’s provided remote is hard to use.
  • The heating feature of the chair is rather weak.

Another full body massage chair that features space saving technology and a superb zero gravity mode. With only 4 inches of clearance behind it, this chair can elevate your feet up to 10cm above your head. Staying in this position alleviates pressure from the heart and from your spine as well. the chair has an SL double track going through it that effectively targets your entire spine during a massage. Rollers glide over your neck, shoulders, and all the way down to your lower back. The machine has a smart body scan feature as well that allows it to further tweak your massage experience.

The machine has a yoga stretching mode as well that you can enjoy for further relaxation and physical healing. The lower body is taken care of by airbags and dual foot rollers.


  • The chair has a great space saving design.
  • The L-track system in the machine does a great job at dealing with your shoulders, upper back, and lower back.
  • A smart body scan feature allows the machine to personalize its massages.
  • The machine targets the plantar reflex zone on the body in order to stimulate the immune system.
  • It has yoga stretching capabilities as well.


  • The foot rollers have manual adjustment.
  • The chair’s built-in speakers don’t have great sound quality.

This massage chair has a great futuristic look to it that will make it look great in any room. Along with great looks, the chair packs some pretty decent features as well. It is a full body massage chair with infrared heating, vibration motors, and a zero-gravity mode as well. The machine has a combination of airbags and rollers under the hood that allow it to produce fascinating massage experiences.

The chair’s zero gravity mode really makes you feel weightless thanks to its extreme angles. The chair also has the ability to scan a person’s body and adjust itself according to their height and width. The chair’s host of features makes it a great all-rounder massage chair.


  • The chair can accommodate people weighing up to 410 Lbs.
  • The chair manages to provide a smooth massage experience.
  • The zero-gravity mode feels great.
  •  Its assembly is easy.
  • The machine has great build quality and works very smoothly.


  • The higher intensity settings can be a little too much for most people.

#7 OOTORI SL-Track Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

This massage chair is capable of providing you with a relaxing and soothing massage experience. It features a zero-gravity mode and has an innovative L-track system. The L-track is made of multiple parts, this allows it to shape itself according to the user’s spine. Along with this feature, the chair has an assortment of rollers, airbags, and a heating pad in the lower back area as well.

The foot massage area has an electric adjustment motor as well. Overall, this massage chair offers an enjoyable full body massage experience. Its ability to accurately target the spine is a definite plus.


  • Offers great massages for the spine area.
  • The chair has a space saving design.
  • The built-in speakers are of good quality.
  • The chair has a lot to offer at a decent price point.


  • The provided controller isn’t useful.
  • The machine has a manual mode but it is very unintuitive.

Buyer’s Guide

Massage chairs are quite affordable now. However, a decent massage chair still isn’t exactly cheap. These chairs are meant to be used for a long period of time as well. This is why it’s important to pick a massage chair carefully. Our buyer’s guide is going to give you a quick rundown of what you should expect from a massage chair within this price range.

What to Expect

A massage chair that will cost you under 2000 USD won’t be a top tier product. However, this doesn’t mean that it won’t be worth buying. Massage chairs can be divided into two categories. There are top tier luxury massage chairs with all the bells and whistles. These chairs are designed to provide their occupants with an out of this world massage experience. Their bigger price tag also allows them to offer fancy features such as built-in speakers, and Bluetooth connectivity. It goes without saying that not everyone can afford these kinds of massage chairs.

This is where the second category of massage chairs comes in. This category consists of massage chairs that prioritize practicality over glamour. They won’t come with any extra shiny bells and whistles. However, they will come with all the features that one would expect to find in a massage chair. In fact, a massage chair’s price tag should never be taken as a primary indicator of its quality. There are a number of other factors that are far more important.

As long as you know how to identify these factors, you can buy an amazing massage chair. Now with this out of the way, let’s take a look at what should you expect from a massage chair in this price range.

Within 2000 USD, you can easily afford a full-body massage chair. Full-body massage chairs provide an all-in-one massaging experience. They come equipped with a number of tools and are capable of targeting various areas of the body. Full-body massage chairs are capable of providing their occupant with deep tissue massages as well. Deep tissue massages are incredibly reinvigorating. They’re highly recommended for people who suffer from chronic pains.

Apart from massaging your body, these chairs can also provide heat therapy. Some chairs come equipped with heating pads that provided targeted relief. Another great feature that can be found in full-body massage chairs is zero-gravity mode. In zero-gravity mode, a massage chair reclines backwards at a steep angle. The purpose of this mode is to alleviate pressure from one’s joints. It is also relaxing for the heart since it brings your legs to the same level as the rest of your body.

Nowadays, full-body massage chairs within this price range come with computerized functions as well. For instance; body scanning technology (a feature once found in expensive massage chairs) is now becoming fairly common. Body scanning technology allows a machine to analyze its occupant’s body proportions. Based on this analysis, it can then make tweaks to its massage programs in order to provide its occupant with a much more personalized massage.

Basically, if you’re in the market for a massage chair that will truly de-stress your body then 2000 USD are more than enough. You have other options available to you in this range as well. Not everyone wants a full-body massage chair. After all, they take up plenty of space and may come with more features than you’ll ever use. If you fall in this group of people, then you can go for something different. There are simplified versions of full body massage chairs as well.

These offer a more basic massage experience but also cost less. These kinds of massage chairs are recommended for people who want a massage chair for more recreational purposes. If your primary reason for buying a massage chair is to improve and maintain your mental and physical health, then you should stick to full-body massage chairs.

Apart from functionality, there is one very important factor that you should focus on. The durability of a massage chair is very important. These chairs are designed for long term use. Meaning that a decent massage chair should provide you with at least 5 years of quality service. When buying a massage chair, check out the reviews for the model that you’re interested in. You can also judge the quality of a chair by checking the manufacturer’s credibility.

Massage chairs that come with warranties or free repair services are often well-made. The presence of a warranty also helps establish the credibility of a product. If they aren’t giving a warranty, there might be a chance that they simply don’t trust their own product enough.


You should now have a better understanding of what’s in store for you. We have reviewed some exemplary products and also talked about what to expect from a massage chair within this price range. We know that 2000 USD are more than enough to purchase a superb massage chair. We are now also familiar with key factors that you should keep an eye out for. These the functionality it has to offer, include the durability of a chair, and the credibility of the manufacturer. You are now ready to head out and buy a massage chair for yourself.

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