The 5 Best Fitness Tracker For Sensitive Skin in 2020

by Richard
best fitness tracker for sensitive skin

It is hard to believe that 2019 ​has already ​come to an end. ​So, as we ring the bell into another new year, we are going to be saying goodbye to a number of old trends from last year, however, one trend that is still ongoing is fitness trackers and smartwatches. Of course, some people have not been able to try them out properly because of skin allergies, and that is why we are going to talk about ​fitness trackers for sensitive skin ​to give you a chance to try them out.

T​op 5 ​Fitness Trackers For Sensitive Skin in 2020

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Fitness Trackers And Skin

Fitness trackers are customarily worn on our wrists like a normal watch, and a lot of people happen to be very reliant on their fitness tracker in order to keep track of their health and making sure that they are meeting their goals. If you want to be part of the movement and trend, then you also have to keep your skin in mind. Of course, not everyone’s skin reacts badly to fitness trackers, but some people might not be able to wear a fitness tracker because of skin problems.

There are a few situations where a fitness tracker might not suit your skin, and we will be listing them down and talking more about them below:

  • If you happen to have an inflammatory skin condition like eczema, psoriasis and the like, then wearing a fitness tracker might aggravate your condition. This is because the tight and restricting fitness tracker can create friction against your skin, and this is what usually leads to flare-ups for people who happen to have inflammatory skin conditions.
  • If you happen to have a silicone allergy, then you will not be able to use fitness trackers that have silicon bands since that will end up aggravating your allergy. This is where you can take advantage of fitness trackers that do not have silicon bands.
  • If you have a nickel allergy, then you cannot wear a fitness tracker since nickel is primarily used to make the component so you can end up getting rashes when you wear it.
  • If you have generally hypersensitive skin that does not react well to most products, a fitness tracker might not immediately suit your skin.

This does not have anything to do with a skin condition, but it can make it difficult to use a fitness tracker. Fitness trackers will have bacteria growing along with them, and that is normal given how we tend to keep them on at all times, even while we are running and sweating, and this is what usually leads to bacterial growth. These bacteria are not dangerous on their own, however, if you happen to have cuts or open wounds in the skin around or surrounding the fitness tracker, then the bacteria might create a problem. Of course, you can make sure to always try and keep open wounds covered and try to clean your fitness tracker as regularly as you can, but that is about the extent of all you can do.

Fitness Trackers That Can Be Good For Sensitive Skin

If you are still attached to your fitness tracker or are still looking to find one that you can use to work around with, then you can keep a few pointers in mind the next time you are out shopping for a fitness tracker. Of course, before anything else, it is still recommended that you consult with a dermatologist before you try to experiment on your own.

  • Fitness trackers with silicon bands might not be a great idea. What you can do instead is to opt for fitness trackers that have either metal or cotton bands. Cotton is considered to be the better option given how it is more breathable and will allow your skin to catch a break.
  • Look for fitness trackers that do not contain nickel since that can help people with nickel allergies.
  • Look for a fitness tracker that actually advertises itself as breathable because a breathable fitness tracker can reduce the chances of skin irritation immensely.
  • You want the fitness tracker to not be too textured or rough in feel because the friction from the texture will definitely lead to skin problems like rashes even if you do not have sensitive skin.

What You Can Do to Deal With Fitness Trackers

The problems caused by a fitness tracker are not just the company’s fault or your natural skin’s fault. There are some things that you need to do and can do in order to make your fitness tracker more wearable for your skin, and this can include:

  • Taking off your fitness tracker at different times throughout the day. You do not have to wear a fitness tracker all of the time. You can take it off while you are showering or sleeping in order to let your skin breathe. Yes, it might seem tempting since the fitness tracker is waterproof, but just take it off then the next time you go and shower or anything. The longer you keep the fitness tracker on the same part of your wrist, the more air you are depriving it of.
  • Switch your fitness tracker between alternating wrists every day. This will allow your wrist more air and will let it catch a break as well.
  • Always make sure to clean your fitness tracker with an anti-bacterial solution once a week. This is important to prevent the buildup of dirt and harmful bacteria that can potentially irritate your skin. By keeping your fitness tracker clean, you are less likely to deal with harmful side-effects of different bacterial growth that might otherwise be happening on your fitness tracker. 

This is about the extent that you can do in order to make your fitness tracker more wearable for your skin type and to just generally keep it clean as well.

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