The 5 Best Fitness Tracker For Pushing Stroller in 2021

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Most new parents struggle with trying to juggle their own needs and their baby’s needs at the same time. This is why most parents end up neglecting their own health and needs in the process of prioritizing their baby. If you happen to be a parent that is looking to lose weight or stay healthy, then you can take your baby out for your walk or run in their stroller.

#1 OumuEle

When looking for a fitness tracker, you can either turn towards some of the staple brands or perhaps you’re on a budget or maybe want a tracker for your kid so you look for cheap trackers that actually work. The good news is that there’s a whole slew of cheap fitness trackers that work well. As for the OumuEle Fitness tracker, you’ll be surprised at how you even picked up something that works this well at such an affordable price.

It looks pretty sweet for a low budget tracker and boasts a thoughtful design; you can remove the tracker from the band and plug it directly into any USB charging port, no need for any cable or dock. The heart rate and sleep monitors provide reliable information that you can use to improve your quality of health and it even allows you to check your texts, calls and notifications. ON top of all that, it’s got IP68 water proofing, which means you can wear it without ever having to worry about it. We can’t say anything about the longevity of this fitness tracker, but at this price range it’s hard to say that it doesn’t provide its value for money.


  • Loaded with features
  • Accurately records activities
  • Waterproof


  • No promise of longevity

Contenders For The Top ​Fitness Trackers For Pushing Stroller in 2020

  1. ​OumuEle
  3. Garmin Vivofit 3
  4. Letsfit
  5. Lintelek


The first thing you’d notice about the LETSCOM Smart Watch Fitness Tracker is the resemblance it shares with the Apple watch. In fact, if you wear it, a lot of folks will think you have an Apple Watch. This resemblance aside, this fitness tracker is no mere cheap knock off – it’s actually a great budget option. There are two programmable physical buttons, the screen is responsive and the overall fit is actually really comfortable.

Like many fitness smart watches these days, it offers a whole lot of health and activity monitoring features that should be impossible at this price point. The heart rate monitor is pretty accurate, the connectivity is smooth and the GPS is reliable. The weakest feature of this watch is the sleep tracker, which isn’t the worst but we’ve seen better, even at this price point. There’s also a whole slew of smart watch features which makes this the perfect beginner Smartwatch to buy for yourself or for your kid who wants an Apple Watch but you’re worried that they’ll lose it.


  • All round Smartwatch features at extremely low price point
  • Accurate fitness tracking
  • Iconic design


  • Weak sleep tracking

Garmin has been playing in both the low budget and mid-range fields with their fitness trackers and they’ve been doing a really good job at that. What we’ve come to expect from Garmin is the fact that they use high accuracy sensors. The sensors on Vivofit 3 are good at picking up your heart rate and sleep information, but the pedometer can’t differentiate between your steps and you driving, which is a deal breaker for a lot of us since the pedometer is the heart of any fitness tracker.

The band is comfortable and looks nice, however, it has a more masculine feel to it so not all ladies will be pleased. The screen is also extremely small, which is something that Garmin pretty much considers their aesthetic at this point, but it works okay. We’d call it a great budget option but the inaccuracy of the pedometer is hard to ignore, when so many cheaper budget fitness trackers get it right.


  • Comfortable band
  • Seemingly immortal battery life
  • Sets realistic fitness goals for you everyday


  • Inaccurate step counter
  • Tiny screen

If you’re here, reading this review, then you probably started off looking for a cheap fitness tracker but then found out that you can also get some Smartwatches with fitness tracking for really cheap. The Letsfit Smartwatch Fitness Track is as straightforward as its name implies; it shares a resemblance to the Apple Watch which makes it look trendy, but it’s actually a great watch to buy if you’re on a budget or want to buy a functional smart watch for your kid.

We were pleased to find that the battery life on this watch even outshines that of the original Apple smartwatch. It’s not a carbon copy of Apple smartwatch despite how it looks and it lacks some features like making calls and answering texts, but you get the notifications from your phone and the fitness tracking is very accurate. It automatically assumes that you’re asleep during night time, which can throw off the accuracy of the sleep tracking for those of us who stay up late.


  • A proper Smartwatch at a very cheap price
  • Powerful battery life
  • Easy to use


  • Sleep tracking can be inaccurate

#5 Lintelek

Ever since the Apple smartwatch become a fashion statement, many budget Smartwatch companies picked up on the aesthetic of it and made their own Smartwatches in that aesthetic. The Lintelek Smart Watch is no exception to that, but it’s not intended to be a copy of the Apple smartwatch either. This Smartwatch will cost you less than $50 yet it will bring to you all the goodies of having a Smartwatch in your life.

If you aren’t sure about spending a lot of money on a Smartwatch, then this watch gives you a great demo into how cool Smartwatches are. It’s sleek, comfortable, waterproof and very effective. You can check your notifications and even answer calls from your phone while driving. Despite being a budget Smartwatch, it offers seem less connectivity and great battery life. Though this particular watch is designed to offer you a Smartwatch experience, it can also track your fitness activity, sleep and heart rate with reliable accuracy.


  • A full Smartwatch experience at a fraction of the price
  • Excellent battery life
  • Waterproof


  • Sleep patterns are difficult to track

Including Your Baby

Most parents are not able to afford a baby sitter or are not comfortable leaving their children around at home, so they usually end up avoiding going out as much or doing things for themselves, and that should not be the case. When you neglect yourself, you end up affecting your mood, and this affects how you treat your baby. What you can do instead is include your baby in your activities. One way to do this is to buy a stroller and have your baby accompany you while you are out on your morning walk or run. There happen to be strollers that are designed to meet these specific needs as well, so you can include your baby and take care of your own health in the process.

Managing Fitness Goals

Going to the gym and sticking to a healthy diet is not as easy once you have children of your own, and this is why a lot of parents end up struggling to lose weight once they have their baby. This is why you can start out with a simple goal which is to meet your required number of daily steps. 10,000 steps should be a goal you should aspire to achieve since it will allow you to have enough movement to stay healthy at least.

How a Fitness Tracker Can Help You

Fitness trackers can be of great help for health-conscious parents here since they allow you to be able to get a more comprehensive picture of your overall health progress. Fitness trackers allow you to be able to keep count of the number of steps you take in the day, the distance you cover in a day, along with the number of calories you burnt and so on. These are all the necessary details that you need in order to make sure that you are meeting your fitness goals. The fact that fitness trackers are able to collect data and provide you with a complete picture of your progress allows you to be able to react better because you will know whether or not you will be meeting your goals. So, your ​tracker serves as your data collector and your reminder as well because it will send you reminders when you are not being active or meeting your goals, allowing you to be able to respond better.

The Problem With Strollers

If you are a parent that wants to take their child with them out on a stroll or on your morning run, you probably got ready and managed to complete an hour-long walk or run, and once you get back feeling accomplished, you check your ​tracker only to see that it has not recorded any of the steps that you took during the course of the entire walk/run.

This does not mean that your ​tracker is broken, rather it is unable to recognize your steps as you walk because your hand is steady on the stroller. Your ​tracker only records steps once it recognizes full hand movements, and this is something that does not happen when you are dealing with strollers since your hands manage to stay steady when on the stroller. This can be incredibly frustrating for people since they are unable to record their progress properly.

In order to tackle this problem, you can try out the following:

  • Buy a stroller that can be controlled with one hand and place your ​tracker on your free hand.
  • Place your ​tracker on your ankle or on your normal strap that has a normal movement going on.
  • Try to change your stance into a wider stance in order for it to be recognized as you move.
  • Log into the ​tracker later and just add the minutes.
  • You can use your phone to ​count steps for you by putting it in your leg pocket and letting your phone record the data, and then sync that with your ​tracker later.

These are just a few hacks that you can try out in order to make tracking your progress a little easier. However, if you are looking for a new ​tracker in the market, and you are looking for one that can specifically help you with your current dilemma, then there are a few things you can look out for when buying your ​tracker.

  • You can opt for fitness trackers that can be clipped onto your strap or shirt. These fitness trackers are able to recognize movement even while your hands are busy with the stroller. There are a number of fitness trackers that can be clipped onto your bra strap and are able to keep track of movements really well.
  • Try to find fitness trackers that are known for being able to ​count steps even while hands are steady, and you can find reviews of different models like these that happen to have a greater sensitivity.
  • Look for fitness trackers that other parents that use strollers would recommend. You can look up just that particular niche of ​trackers in order to narrow your search better.
  • Look for ​trackers that have both an internal and an external GPS system that is able to keep track of your movements in real-time, and then allows you to be able to transfer that data to your ​tracker later.

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