Be Childish!

by Richard

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

Remember when we were young? It was these times they told us to cherish before we move into “the real world” filled with social obligations and personal expectations. Children may seem naïve, underdeveloped or just downright silly. Despite their care-free attitude, this stage of life is precious and something that adults can’t help but admire. There is a lot to learn from children that many of us fail to recognize. Firstly, they are honest. They truly do not care about what anybody thinks nor are they out for anyone’s approval. Secondly, their tendency to judge is significantly lower than us because we’ve been taught to evaluate everybody based on superficial and sometimes meaningless inferences. Lastly, children generally show compassion towards their peers and innately know that love is the answer.  Unfortunately, as we grow older our heart has a habit of becoming colder and our perspective changes.

What happened to us? Why have we not taken these natural instincts with us into future roles of our life? The truth is simple: we outgrew them. Our whole life we subconsciously emulated people older than us believing they were the examples to follow. Unfortunately, a lot of our parents and guardians were not awake to the truth of this reality. Most of them unknowingly demonstrated conventional values that have historically caused them to trust authority and die unsatisfied. There is more to life than a paycheck but when you get older, it’s hard to feel that way. What do you expect when your family spends every day trying to provide? Money becomes the focus. Business makes people less empathetic. We learn what’s right and wrong and basically follow the footsteps of our mystical ancestors that were confused by the apple’s implications. However, we assure you that a child’s perspective is fearless because it does not know the knowledge of good and evil. Children only know how to be fearless. That is until they are taught not to do something incorrectly or to avoid a path of understanding. If you have young children in your life, learn from them just as strongly as they learn from you. Sometimes all we need to do is stop acting so mature and just be ourselves: Careless and spontaneous!

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