6 Ways You Are Destroying Your Workplace Relationships

by Richard

Workplace relationships are everything when you are trying to run an efficient team. Of all full-time workers, 78% of them spend more time with coworkers than family members. A workplace team consisting of people who can’t stand each other is never going to accomplish anything. Fostering relationships is difficult because you may already be doing something that is actively working against them.

Are you committing any of these workplace relationship sins?

You are Leading It

A relationship is a two-way street. If you are dictating the direction of the relationship, you are diminishing it with every passing day. This most commonly happens when a team leader or manager interacts with someone lower down on the career ladder.

They believe that they are being friendly, but actually, they are talking down to them. Rather than having a conversation, they are giving a lecture. Signs that you may be doing this include talking over the person and not taking their opinions into account.

Workplace Gossiping

Nothing destroys a workplace relationship like gossiping. This is a virus that decreases quality of work and damages company prospects faster than anything. The only way you can deal with gossip is by stamping it out completely. But it requires you to take the initiative. Stop gossiping yourself and don’t entertain anyone else who insists on gossiping.

This doesn’t mean that you have to snap at someone. Just indicate how little you care and they will eventually stop. Gossip is only powerful when it has an audience to support it.


There’s nothing worse than that coworker who isn’t reliable. If someone is often late, frequently forgets about meetings, or even just can’t complete their work it can leave everyone else picking up the pieces. And this leads to a lot of resentment in the long-term.

You are not going to make new friends at the office if you can’t follow through on your promises. The way to deal with this is to stop overextending yourself. Only make a commitment you are sure you can follow up on. If you can’t make a deadline, tell the relevant person at the earliest opportunity.

This bad habit can cripple your business and prevent it from succeeding.


From the previous point, you have likely already grasped that a lack of efficiency and not following through on your promises can hurt workplace relationships. Procrastination also falls into this category. It’s not fair to the rest of the office if you have wasted most of the afternoon procrastinating over that important task.

You are in a team and you need to pull your weight. The only way you can deal with procrastination is through doing the things you hate first. Prioritize those tasks you don’t really want to do and you’ll waste less money.

Workplace Bullying

A lot of people aren’t sure whether workplace bullying still happens, but it does. Bullying is something that can happen in every area of life. And the victims are often unable to express their thoughts because they are scared of what people might think. A workplace should be comfortable for all employees.

Don’t wait for someone else to act on bullying, though. If you spot bullying, go out of your way to stop it. Have a quiet word with the person because they may not even realize that they’re doing it.

Telling Lies

Everyone has told the occasional lie to get out of trouble. Who hasn’t taken a sick day from work so they could go to the beach?

These white lies may be harmless, and that’s true in many cases. But the problem is that when people get away with white lies they become bold enough to tell other lies. They become brave enough to get away with even more than before. Overall, it reduces the general integrity of the workplace and makes it hard to generate trust within relationships.

It may mean making sacrifices, but try not to tell even the smallest lies. If you do want to go to the beach because you want a day off, a good boss will give you that day anyway. You shouldn’t have to lie in order to do things. Become a person of integrity and your workplace relationships will be in a much better place.


There are many actions that can destroy workplace relationships. You may not even notice what’s going on because bad habits have become such a fixture of your day. Take some time to reflect on how you act in the workplace and how you are treating people.

What bad habits do you have at work?

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