5 Ways to Nurture Long Distance Relationships

by Richard

Long distance relationships can come in many forms. You may be talking about a lover or it may be a close family member. It could even be a business that you are working with while you are working remotely. A long distance relationship can easily grow cold. The average long distance relationship involves the couple seeing each other just 1.5 times per month.

But this guide is going to show you some of the ways in which you can nurture those long distance relationships and make them work.

Why Long Distance Relationships Are Difficult for Both Parties

A lot of people question whether a long distance move can ever work smoothly. After all, communicating with someone through Facebook will never be the same as communicating with them in person. It’s true that long distance relationships are difficult for both parties due to the continuing pain of being away.

However, when nurtured correctly you can make them work and stay sane.

Stay in Touch

It may seem obvious, but you need to let the other person know that they matter. Staying in touch is easier than ever before these days. You don’t have to exchange letters across the oceans, although you can if you really want to. Platforms like Skype allow you to see and speak to the other person as if they were in the same room as you.

Setup some times every week where you are going to make a call. And make sure you stick to these appointments. If you can’t make it, try to cancel as far in advance as possible, and then reschedule.

Don’t Have an Open-Ended Calendar

The best thing about dating in a long distance relationship is when people come home and they can finally spend time with each other. The way to make the pain of being apart more pronounced is to have a calendar where you are not sure when you are going to be back. In some situations, this is unavoidable, but in a lot of cases you can simply tell people when you are coming home.

Emphasis this date to make both parties feel all the better for it.

Spend One-on-One Time

It’s easy to spend time with someone through a screen when long distance dating, but there’s nothing more frustrating than one party not directing their full attention to this golden opportunity. It happens more times than you might think. When you make a Skype call online, make sure that you are spending some one-on-one time.

That means you should turn off all other notifications. Get into the habit of directing your full attention on that other person. It will make them feel more important and it will make them feel valued.

Use Other Tools

Don’t just use the same old tools like Skype to nurture your relationship. You have a wealth of free online tools that you could be using. These other tools can come in handy for anything from sharing snaps of your wedding to sharing a cool video from back home.

There are so many options available to you and you should be using them to their fullest. It’s easier than you think and it doesn’t have to cost you a single cent.

Live Your Life

If you are constantly spending time glued to your screen, it can feel like a blessing. You may feel as if by spending more virtual time with that person both parties are benefiting from it. But there’s nothing worse than doing this because increased screen time actually makes people feel more depressed.

The best remedy for a long distance relationship is to actually go out and live your life. By living your life, you are distracted from the pain of missing someone. It doesn’t have to be anything special. A simple night on the town with some friends or picking up a new hobby is the best way to deal with a long distance relationship.

Last Word – Making It Work

In the beginning, you may find that this is one of the hardest processes you can ever go through. It’s true that making a relationship work is tough, but if both parties are willing to make sacrifices and stay in touch there’s no reason why it can’t.

In the beginning, you may feel as if it’s impossible to make it work, but over time you will discover that it will get easier and easier. This isn’t you growing apart from someone you love. It’s you learning to deal with the challenges before you.

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