5 Signs That You Are In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

by Richard

Emotionally abusive relationships are more common than you may think, with 48.4% experiencing emotional abuse. There’s no way to improve these relationships because the person manipulating you has a serious problem. The risks of allowing emotionally abusive relationships to flourish are significant. They can even lead to the difficult subject of suicide, and that’s something you absolutely have to avoid.

This guide is going to show you the main signs that you are in an emotionally abusive relationship so you can define your strategy to get out of it.

Everything is Your Fault

This is the classic sign of an emotionally abusive relationship. Everything seems to be your fault, and the reason for this is that most emotional manipulators are control freaks. No matter what you do it will never be good enough, and even if you do manage to do something right they could have done it better. You will have fear, obligation, and guilt in your relationship.

If you’re constantly feeling guilty for no real reason, this is due to the manipulation caused by the person you are in a relationship with.

Your Problems are Silly

Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with experiencing a problem or two every so often. But when you are made to feel as if every problem you have is just silly then there’s an issue. In most cases, this will be framed as you being ‘hysterical’.

But this is an overt way of calling your problems silly. Sometimes it comes in a far subtler way. For example, you may always have your bad day trumped by the other person, thus minimizing your problems and enlarging theirs.

You Get No Support

This actually comes as a consequence of always belittling your problems. If nobody is ever taking your problems seriously, you are not going to get the support you need. Furthermore, you are going to be spending all your time comforting them over their problems.

At this point, you are a rock for them with nobody backing you up. It’s what makes up a one-way relationship where you put everything you have into it with them giving nothing back.

And what if you voice your concerns about this? You’re just selfish.

Everyone Feels the Same About You

Another common trick employed by manipulators is to tell you that everyone feels the same way as they do. If they call you silly or hysterical, they will pair it with the belief that everyone else feels the same way. Now you believe that you are the problem, not them.

Rather than turning your emotional problems onto someone who should be supporting you, you are focusing back on yourself. And when you do this you are causing even more damage. This will send you into a downward spiral that your manipulator will take advantage of. They will make you believe that you need them to save you.

Direct Conversations are Impossible

Discussing something honestly with a manipulator isn’t possible. Every word you say will be turned around and fired back at you. The reason why this is so effective is because it’s done in a covert way. Watch as the objective becomes subjective and as a random line becomes all about you.

Any direct conversation with them will always leave you feeling worse about yourself.

Why it’s So Difficult to Break Free

It’s easy to see why it’s so difficult to break free of this destructive cycle. Everything they do is designed to make you feel as if you need them. It’s designed to make you feel as if you are relying on them. And that’s why most people never manage to break out of emotionally abusive relationships.

The only way you can do this is through recognizing the signs and taking an honest look at your relationship. Through doing this you will be able to gather together the courage needed to take a stand.

Conclusion – Why You Need to Act Now

Another key reason why people are unable to free themselves from emotionally abusive relationships is because they feel that the situation isn’t that urgent. The truth is allowing one of these relationships to flourish will lead to disaster. The fact is that you can fall into a pit of depression and anxiety because you feel as if you are constantly on thin ice whenever you are with the emotional abuser.

In the most extreme cases, it can lead to a mental breakdown and even suicide.

How will you break free of emotional abuse today?

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