5 Mental Health Reasons Why You Should Introduce Group Exercise to Your Company

by Richard

Group exercise may not be something you have considered as the leader of a company. But while good health is important, it can have business implications as well. The Karolinska Institute in Sweden conducted a study that demonstrated people who exercise regularly are better able to metabolize the products of stress.

Group exercise has the power to make your workforce more effective. Introducing regular group exercise sessions could turn out to be one of the best business decisions you have ever made, and here are some of the reasons why.

A Happier Workforce

You want your employees to be happy. You are aware that this creates a better and more productive work environment. Many leaders give up on this because they think they can’t influence what’s going on in a person’s personal life.
And it’s true. You can’t.

But you can make them much happier. Group exercise sessions naturally lead to higher endorphin production. Endorphins are the happy drug everyone produces when they are happy with their lives. Group exercise is proven to do this.

Metabolize Stress

Stress reduction is another major benefit of group exercise. But the body doesn’t simply experience stress. Like with every feeling, stress is actually a chemical reaction. It’s a substance flowing around the body. The body adapts to the stress reaction, but too much of it can have lots of long-term negative effects.

Metabolizing stress is what the body does with each chemical compound. Every molecule is metabolized. Those who are better at dealing with stress metabolize at a faster rate than those who seem to be under a constant cloud.

Studies have shown that exercise enables people to metabolize stress at a faster rate, thus making those dark clouds a little less dark.

More Resilience

Every company goes through a bad patch at some point. This is the reality of doing business in the 21st century. You need employees who can stand up to the challenges ahead. If they are under constant worry about the future, they are never going to perform at their best.

Increase their resilience through group exercise. The area of the brain responsible for stress reduces in volume as a result of exercise. It does the exact opposite when someone is constantly stressed.

As you can see, this is going to increase resilience over time as your employees react to stress better.

More Company Morale

Employees who believe that their bosses are doing the best for them are more likely to put themselves on the line. The fact is bad bosses never get the best out of people. Companies who provide work and nothing else get the bear minimum. You can discipline, complain, and reprimand as much as you like, but you will get the minimum required to not get fired and nothing more.

Offer the perk of group exercise and watch morale soar. If you do your best by your employees, they will think that they should do the best for you.

Morale influences everything you get out of your workforce. Don’t underestimate the importance of it in both the short-term and long-term.

Working in a Team

There are no individuals within a company. Everyone is part of the well-oiled machine. Without any team cohesion, forget about any chances of a successful organization. Group exercise brings people together and encourages people to interact who may have never bothered interacting before.

In short, you are potentially creating friendships and a general ‘good feeling’ around the team. This is always going to rub off on the quality of work you get from them.

How Should You Go About Implementing Group Sessions?

First of all, find out whether this is something people would be interested in. If they already exercise during the lunch hour, you may find that this is something they would want to participate in. It’s also worth trying a trial run.

But if you find that a company group exercise session isn’t viable, take a look in your local area and see if there are any group exercise sessions available. Personally recommend one and encourage your team to go together. You’ll get the same results regardless of who runs the sessions.

Last Word

There’s no reason why every company can’t somehow take advantage of group exercise sessions. It may take a while to begin seeing the benefits, but when you do you’ll be thankful that you decided to take up the idea of group exercise.

How will you take advantage of group exercise sessions today?

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