4 Ways To Clear Your Mind Of Stress And Help Your Mental Health

by Richard

Sometimes, the daily rigors of life can become too much for us. Whether or not you have severe mental health problems, stress and distraction can become too painful and damaging.

If you’re unable to focus on work due to extreme stress, or if you are ignoring your health, work or relationships due to anxiety, the following four tip will help you relax and feel better. Read on, and learn with us.

1. Let Yourself Stop Thinking – For A Moment

Sometimes, stress causes us to overthink things. We’ll get stuck in a pattern – obsessing over the issue that’s causing our stress, whether it’s a relationship difficulty, a work obstacle, or any other personal problem.

To deal with this, you have to stop thinking. Realize that it’s okay to take a few moments to stop your thought processes. Focus on something positive in your mind – or focus on nothing at all. Take deep breaths. Release your distractions and your stress, and you’ll totally stop thinking.

And once you start again, you’ll find that your ability to concentrate and avoid distraction – and stress – has been greatly bolstered.

2. Relax Your Body, And Calm Your Mind

The mind has an effect on the body – and vice versa. If your mind is stressed, your body will be tense. Naturally, then, if your body relaxes, your mind will follow.

So relax your body. Begin breathing deeply. If you’re sitting, a great technique is the classic “progressive relaxation” technique we’ve mentioned before. Imagine each muscle in your body relaxing – starting with your toes, and moving all the way to your neck. Relax completely and thoroughly – you’ll find that your mind quickly follows.

3. “This Too, Shall Pass” – Recognize The Temporary

We, humans, are natural-born planners – that’s why we often obsess over tiny details and issues that cause us stress. It can be tough for us to understand how temporary many of these problems are.

So we encourage you to try a simple technique. When you’re going through a rough patch, just reassure yourself – “This, too, shall pass”. By reminding yourself that your pain and your stress are only temporary, you’ll be able to clear your mind and focus on what’s important.

4. Place All Of Your Effort To The Task At Hand

Stress is a distraction – and distractions can be minimized when you don’t have the mental capacity to think about them. Putting all of your willpower and effort into a singular task is a great way to occupy your mind. It doesn’t matter what your task is – it could be cleaning a bathroom, cooking a meal, or answering an email at work. If you focus and concentrate, you can totally eliminate the distractions and stress in your mind – at least, temporarily. If you find it unable to work, worry not and go out for a stroll in the park. May be, listen to some good music, or an audio-book while you are walking.

De-stress And De-Distract, And Enjoy Better Mental Health

These simple relaxation techniques and focusing techniques can help you eliminate stress and distraction from your daily life. It’s important to note that these are not substitutes for treatment if you have mental health issues – but they can be quite helpful, nonetheless.

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